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Helping musicians all over the world: Intercontinen7al spray down the ‘Fire’ together with inspiring message

Intercontinen7al  is a passionate team of 22 musicians across all 7 continents in the world, who came together as a powerful unit through BandLab. This fantastic single ‘Fire‘ is one of 12 original songs that were made to show the world that when you put your energies together- anything is possible. All the proceeds made from any sales have been earmarked to go towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The world feels like it is on fire at the moment and with peaceful music like this, full of wonderful instruments and soothing vocals to transport your mind to happier times.- your mood and perspective is immediately better. The differing layers of intrigue are vast here, as this is a song with real meaning and grace.

This is the call for help as the world is in a troubling state of affairs and the magnitude can’t even be accurately quantifiable yet. Many lives have been lost, jobs gone and the mental health of humankind is in peril. Luckily, through this song we have something to hold onto and look towards the sky for hope, while turning this on loud for all to hear.

Fire‘ from the world team of musicians that call themselves Intercontinen7al, is a timeless song that has been fused together to bring hope to the anxiety-filled world of lost souls. Through music, it is possible to heal and join together as one to provide greater good and to help those in need.

Music is the bond that all of us share, not matter what our race, beliefs or what kind of genres we enjoy. If we all work together like this inspiring group has, change and unity is indeed possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Peaceful meditation music: Coal Field Hotel send us on a glorious journey via ‘Wistful’

Coal Field Hotel breeze through the door with aplomb on their excellent multi-genre single called ‘Wistful‘.

The Chicago, Illinois electronic outfit aim to provide listeners with a bucket full of fusions that include post-rock, chillout, ambient and downtempo experiences, that reaches down at your soul and lift you up from any bad vibes that you may be feeling. They make music for the love of the art-form and this is felt in the real tender touch of their wonderful creation.

Wistful‘ is from the five-track album of the same name that dropped in 2019, forms a web of beauty around your heart and never lets go as this is such a deep instrumental song, full of mystery and ultimate intrigue. The way they massage your soul is quite captivating and the acoustic elements add so much to this electronic marvel for the ears to enjoy.

The symmetry that they are able to bond us together with is a sight to behold and you can’t help feeling so much more relaxed after this. This is that special mediation music to take you places you never thought existed.

Wistful‘ from Chicago’s Coal Field Hotel is a layered beauty that only has love and peace inside with a soundtrack to what life should be like. Everyone at one, bonding over music like this while we are floating in the air, looking at all the incredible trees and seas of life below.

This is a song that is best played late at night, when you are staring at the stars, looking for the extra motivation deep inside your bones.

Hear this gem of a track on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seattle singer Christian Schormann brushes our tired hearts with peaceful Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z)

Christian Schormann returns with his new song that adds a bit of beauty and is called ‘Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z).

Christian Schormann lives in Seattle in the USA, after growing up in Germany and passing through the eternal spring of the Canary Islands, the cold winters of Montreal and the beautiful weirdness of San Francisco. This is an experienced and well-traveled singer-songwriter who loves to write indie-pop and instrumental music. His style ranges from pop to minimalist-inspired music and this is a single who keeps things very chilled.

Paint a Flower in the Sky (feat. Liel Bar-Z) is a very peaceful song that has a mellow indie vibe that has good energy. This is all about a warm and welcoming vibe, set with the clear blue skies and cute vocals from the talented Liel. This is one of the more happy songs of the year during the global pandemic.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen