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Caught The Sparks: Paul James Rooney has an extra bounce in his step with ‘Brand New’

Written by esteemed American songwriter Ashley Levy and sung with such an energetic passion that makes you truly happy, Paul James Rooney fills our fragile hearts with renewed hope again on ‘Brand New’.

Paul James Rooney is a world class English ballet dancer from Sandhurst in the UK, renowned choreographer and emerging pop singer, who is now based in cozy and safe Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I wanted to bring some happiness and shine a light in this long dark time to get everyone up dancing, smiling and singing along.” – Paul James Rooney

He feels so fresh and happy, the feeling has reinvigorated him from the slump of before, and things are looking up. Love is hard to find it and he knows that this must last — as he has never felt like this — and just wants to wake up with them each day moving forward.

Brand New’ from Paul James Rooney, is that sweet story about meeting someone who changes your perspective so quickly, as they have that power over you that has been elusive for some time. The surge of electricity in your veins is palpable, as your eyes flicker with so much excitement, hoping that this lasts as long as possible.

When you meet that person you just know, words fail but the heart beats like a drum. All past worries seem to fade away down the rapid stream of passionate love inside your cheerfully shining mind, body and content soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving on from the lies: Paul James Rooney courageously fights the pulsating pain of heartbreak on ‘Save My Soul’

With the painful memories still close to his heart, Paul James Rooney sings gloriously and with unwavering personal passion on the special ‘Save My Soul‘.

Paul James Rooney is a world-renowned Copenhagen, Denmark-based international ballet dancer/teacher, choreographer, rehearsal director and singer-songwriter from the UK.

He performs his majestic music intertwined closely with his love for dance and jazz, as he tells you about past memories that are entrenched in his soul and need to be soulfully expressed, so he can find true peace and move on from being lied to by his former lover.

‘Exploring issues of hurt, distress and verbal and psychological abuse in a past relationship, ‘Save My Soul’ brings up issues we rarely discuss. Sticks and Stones may break our bones but words cut even deeper.’- Paul James Rooney

With a stunningly pure voice, issues that are normally swept under the carpet are at the fore, on his music and dance combination that shows so much grace and skill.

Save My Soul‘ from UK singer and ballet legend Paul James Rooney, is a tale of what the past looks like as he asses the scars and find the strength to move on from the negativity-filled thoughts, to blossom fresh again. This experience has hurt deeply and comes with long-lasting scars, but the time to move on and be free again has arrived.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen