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Patricia Hawthorne

Patrice Hawthorne seeks to quieten frenetic minds with her single, Peace Once More

With the title of “Peace Once More”, the up and coming soul singer, Patrice Hawthorne’s latest single hits hard before you even hit play. Those three simple words allude to how hard-fought-for peace is in our slightly warped modern age, how urgent the search for it can feel and how sweet it is to find that evasive inner catharsis. That sweetness resonates in the timbre in the modern RnB production, which left plenty of room for experimentalism.

After the spoken word verse, energizingly uplifting harmonies and the reverb-laden sun-kissed melodies, you get a taste of the peace that we’ve all been striving for lately. Top tip, turn off the news and tune into the artists worth paying attention to.

In a time when people are more polarized than ever before, Patrice Hawthorne and her matured songwriting, dynamically powerful vocal range and artistic flair can be considered an essential artist. Get her on your radar. For your sanity’s sake not hers.

Peace Once More is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast