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Patricia Hart wants all that sweet lovin’ on her new release scheduled for the 20th of May with, ‘Gimme Some’

Letting us know that she will only be with someone who is completely real and allergic to those foolish games, Patricia Hart shows us her excellent vocal ability on her hot new single about waiting for that special soul on, ‘Gimme Some’.

Patricia Hart is a Gippsland, Victoria-born, Queensland, Australia-based solo artist who fuses Retro Soul, Pop, Disco, and RnB into her wonderful creations.

Deeply personal, cathartic, and ethereal, Patricia Hart’s music serves as a portal into the most personal depths of her inner core, and a way to help her understand the world and her emotions more clearly.” ~ Patricia Hart

Soothing all worries away with a totally nostalgic experience that has been made with such love and care, Patricia Hart gently takes our hand and leads us into that happy place – that imagines a true romance with no strings attached – in a place that feels incredibly genuine and real. Her honest lyrics take you deeply into her thoughtful mindset, which is ready for something authentically beautiful, far away from the fake swipes that so many are dealing with in this forget-quick world.

Gimme Some’ from Queensland, Australia-based multi-genre solo artist Patricia Hart is one of the most captivating singles you will possibly hear in 2022. With a catchy beat that seems to transport you naturally into this loving picture of hope, this is a stunning single that sends your mind into a ray of sunshine, which is ready for something rather incredible.

Pre-save Patricia’s delightful new single via Distrokid in anticipation of 20th May and follow her IG for all the release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen