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A Better Future: Galvanizing Argentinian rock musician Lautaro De Gobbi leads the way for environmental rights on ‘El Valle’

As he sings from the heart to the save The Valley that seems to be getting destroyed more and more, day by day, Lautaro De Gobbi shows us the way to help what matters to you on ‘El Valle‘.

Lautaro De Gobbi is an Argentinian punk rock artist, music graduate and music producer from Patagonia, who sings with a deep look inside the soul of his beloved country, as he performs with an edge to draw attention to various issues in society.

“These songs are born in the search for self expression and the fight against the powers that are trying to destroy our world and futures.” – Lautaro De Gobbi

With a groovy start that feels like its out of a movie, he sparks up the sky with a catchy and packed guitar-filled experience that has you hooked immediately. Soon, we are introduced to a deep vocal ability that is sung so passionately, the chorus has you captivated and this feels like a call to action, for something greater than we can possibly imagine.

El Valle‘ from Patagonia’s self-aware punk rocker Lautaro De Gobbi, is a track that deeply expresses the wholehearted anger of seeing his local areas cultural heritage land, shockingly being sold at a such a low price for mining and deforestation. This is a call for change and for it to happen as soon as possible to keep the soul of his homeland alive.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen