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Surfing The Stratosphere: Queens, NY-based Elevated Focusion breathtakingly boosts our mindsets forever on brilliant interview

Watching from below and moving on from Jonny Rythmns and keeping it rather experimental all the way, Elevated Focusion flows into our lives and illuminates a ray of hope for us all. We find out more in an exclusive interview that can’t be ignored with streetwear added in to make things extra intriguing.

Llewelyn: We appreciate you joining us Elevated Focusion. Firstly, we love your artist name. Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?

Elevated Focusion: Elevated Focusion is the moment where an idea and the execution come together. Counter culture. not being complacent. trying to break the mold. going against the grain

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about your debut album and release of the clothing line?

Elevated Focusion: The self-titled debut album is a genre-bending album in June 2023 that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. It’s a mixed bag from of all my musical and cultural influences as well as life experiences.

Growing up in New York in the 90s, I was a huge fan of the creativity in the graffiti characters in NYC street fashion. The body art in 80s/90s horror always captivated me as well. In addition, I grew up watching trippy cartoons like The Ren & Stimpy Show and Duckman. I love science fiction, and tatoo art always fascinated me. With the Elevated Focusion clothing line, I really wanted to take all of my childhood influences and combine them with the creativity of NYC graffiti and streetwear fashion.

Llewelyn: Jonny Rythmns. That was your artist name before. Please detail the change and what made you rebrand?

Elevated Focusion: I used the name Jonny Rythmns when I made instrumental music on my synthesizer keyboard. All of this music was created during 2001-2004. It is 100% instrumental music made up of hip-hop beats, music for video games, trippy music, concept albums, new age music, experimental music, sci-fi soundtrack, and space music.

In 2022, during quarantine, I decided to release all my old music under the name Jonny Rythmns. The first Jonny Rythmns’ release was my most experimental album called Elevated Focusion.

I chose Elevated Focusion to be my name going forward as it represents who I want to be as an artist, whether in experimental electronic music or as a streetwear clothing brand. My goal with the Elevated Focusion brand is to unite my love for all different genres and art styles through eclectic music and alternative fashion in collaboration with various artists.

Llewelyn: Is there a particular series you’d like to be in or perhaps a movie franchise?

Elevated Focusion: I would love to make music for any kind of movie or TV. But I personally love Horror, Drama, and Sci Fi.

Llewelyn: Experimental electronic music is your game. Why do you love it so much and how did you get into it? Was it through a live show or just exploring different genres?

Elevated Focusion: I really do love every genre of music and I like to make people dance. I’m also a bit of a weirdo. Experimental electronic music just called to me I guess.

Llewelyn: How would you describe your music to someone who’d just arrived from another galaxy?

Elevated Focusion: The Elevated Focusion album is a soundtrack to my life. It is everything I have felt emotionally and experienced physically. It is my life. It is my mind. And it is New York as seen through my eyes.

Llewelyn: Queens, NY. What’s it like there? Some really famous artists are from your home town. Is the music culture alive and kicking like you want it to be?

Elevated Focusion: Queens is the most culturally diverse place in the world. From people to sounds to food and beyond. There is also a mix of darkness, danger, and depression which has heavily influenced my lyrics on the album.

Llewelyn: Lastly, who do you make music for and who inspires you every day?

Elevated Focusion: This is a passion project for me so I make music in whatever way I feel inspired. A lot of love goes into every song. I created this project to reach open-minded people who are looking for something different.

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Cloud Hangs Over Me: The Tennessee Werewolves hears the soul start to scream on Rescue Me

Featuring a super-skilled trio who seem to know exactly what the other is going to do next, The Tennessee Werewolves lays in the dark and waits to be picked up by a compassionate soul as help is needed right now on Rescue Me.

The Tennessee Werewolves is a USA-based indie rock band that loves to make proper music with a fiery underbelly to feed all famished wolves with a proper meal to consume.

Scintillating from all angles with something rather enthralling to endure readily, The Tennessee Werewolves bite through the door and show us what good music sounds like. This is a high-pressured single to dance with all night, as it’s been made with only genuine intentions.

Rescue Me from USA Rockers The Tennessee Werewolves is a rather special single made with so much passion. Soaring with lots of vigour and sending many shivers inside our spines, we find a movie-like soundtrack to fire up sleepy and cold souls. This is bone-splinting stuff for the world to swim deep inside when the waters crash like a tsunami.

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Don’t Cry: Ahmady drops sizzling visuals for In 2 Deep

Signed up to Intersection Music Group and pouring into our teacups with such skill and passion, Ahmady is in scintillating form and shall tweak all moods back into a nostalgic time and place on In 2 Deep.

Ahmady is a flourishing hip-hop artist who loves to push the boundaries and has a smooth flow to wash all self-doubts away in an instant.

Wondering if the connection has gotten too much and sensing that things are currently a bit mixed up, Ahmady only shows us where the truth is in this rather confusing world. Dynamic to the core and guiding us through the lonely lost energy, we find a dazzling vocal performance waiting to be loved.

In 2 Deep from the exciting rapper Ahmady is a rather compelling soundtrack for anyone who feels like love has faded into the distance due to its overly strong connection. Sung with a flourishing mindset and filling up many eyes with tears, we are treated to a crisp single which might cause much contemplation.

Check out the visual creation manifest further on YouTube.

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Learn Your Ocean Spell: Arden Snow wants to calm the raging waters on Calypso

Compared to Bowie and lacing our veins with something so natural and soul-healing, Arden Snow shows us the experience needed to lead the world into more acceptable waters on Calypso.

Arden Snow is a Colorado Springs-based indie alternative rock artist, music producer and much-respected multi-instrumentalist who performs with a rare passion.

After perfecting his craft for the last 3-4 years, Arden felt he was ready to start releasing his own music professionally, starting with his debut album, Succubus, which was released on Halloween of 2022.” ~ Arden Snow

Showing us the whispers of the world-class ability which has many enthusiastic for the future, Arden Snow blends in something rather special to witness. He seems to catch all attention rather quickly, just like a real pro who knows where to go.

Calypso from Colorado Springs-based indie alternative rocker Arden Snow is a superb effort from a promising artist who seems to have that extra creative quality needed to find a home in 2023. Each note has been made to perfection and the variety in the melody shall surely warm all cold souls like a welcome heater on a frosty day.

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NYC band Me + Nobody feel the toll on that wondering mind with ‘The Cab’

Missing that moment that is embedded in the mind eternally no matter what the time of day, Me + Nobody have just dropped a song that is surely meant for the movies with their adventure in ‘The Cab‘ to finding that special soul that has changed everything.

Me + Nobody is a New York City, USA-based indie alternative band who prefer to remain genreless and make the type of music that might stimulate your soul awake.

Their relentless passion for creation is captivating and will keep you wanting more.” ~ Me + Nobody

With an outpouring of affection that might cause some to tear softly as that memory of a lost love strikes into the reflection, Me + Nobody is an outfit that shows us that a loving moment-no matter how short-needs to be cherished forever. Packed with a smooth aura, terrific vocals and an ambience that shall urge you to hug those you care for, this is a fine single to remember forever.

The Cab‘ from New York City, USA-based indie alternative band Me + Nobody is a sing-with-me-all-night track that has been made with the tender care that all classics comprise. Showing us such grace and love towards that brief-lover who said those magic words of desire, that are truly unforgettable no matter how hard you try. A song for anyone who is missing that human who has your heart in a box you can’t escape from is in order, no matter how much it hurts inside.

When you miss them so much, your soul can go cold for a while as you reminisce about a time that has gone permanently.

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Florida-based The S-ft F-cus feels loveably infected with romantic feelings on, ‘This Divine Love’

Taken from his recent 6-track release called ‘Lousy w’ Love‘, The S-ft F-cus shows the kids what a riff should sound like with the dreamy new single that shall have you feeling like you are in another dimension entirely on, ‘This Divine Love‘.

The S-ft F-cus is the solo passion project of Florida, USA-based Australian indie rock veteran, Danny Lee Allen, who makes the kind of music to get your body grooving all night long.

One thing I’ve learnt from some of the fantastic songwriters I’ve worked with is not to waste time pushing directions you’re not 100% sure of. It’s like that old dating mantra, “if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s hell no” meaning I take an idea to its logical conclusion and then promptly move on. As soon as I’m even slightly unsure about a part or lyric, I just leave it and come back.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

With a cruisy-cool mentality that features some of the best guitar skills you might hear all day, The S-ft F-cus shows us this passion project that feels so relaxed, as if there is no point to prove at all. Layered with a festival-like ambience that sends your heart shuddering with excitement, this is a smashing exhibition from an artist who shows us his intent with a really intricate performance up there with the best.

The title is Lousy with Love, which initially sounds like a reference to ‘one who is bad at love’ but it’s actually used in the sense of abundance. It actually comes from lousy hair (as in having lice) which makes it even funnier to me. To have so much love surround you, you’re practically infected with it.” ~ The S-ft F-cus

This Divine Love‘ from the Florida-based Australian rocker The S-ft F-cus leads us into a track that feels like could have been made in the 70s. There is such an aura of calmness here that has you feeling inspired for more, as your eyes widen and you realize that you were actually wrong about that romance you thought would work out. Sung with real intensity and an almost psychedelic vibe of discovery, this is a single made with expert skills and an energy that feels just right.

Embark on this new adventure on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

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Yes It’s Hard: Justin Turk shows us how to force open the gates of our inner ‘Passion’

Carried off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Just In Time‘, Justin Turk sends us a reminder about that all-important strength needed to shine brightly with his latest single named ‘Passion‘.

Palm Coast, Florida-based pop/rock/folk solo singer-songwriter Justin Turk is one of the most passionate artists around who started his career when he was just 14 years old. The moment he first played live, he just knew that this is what he wanted to do for a living.

Old songs can trigger memories and take you back in time to a place of your youth. It can be healing and liberating. That’s why Justin creates music for you and anyone who is willing to listen.” ~ Justin Turk

Showing us that if you stay positive you can actually win, Justin Turk is at his inspiring best with a harmonious song that has you feeling fresh and ready to win in life again. He sings with confident freedom that is certainly a wind of calm, in a gusting world that can push you down so suddenly if you aren’t too careful.

Passion‘ from Palm Coast, Florida-based pop/rock/folk artist Justin Turk, is a dreamy single that urges us to take off those suffocating blinkers as we can actually do anything. With a likeable personality, smooth vocals, and inspiring lyrics that help us to see through all that damaging self-doubt, this is a now-or-never single that shall have you pondering your next moves. The world can be harsh but if you ignore the noise, you can actually achieve whatever you want.

Starting the race is the only way to reach that chequered flag.

Listen to this new single on his website and see more of his actions on IG.

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The solo journey begins: Glasgow’s Laird goes solo and speaks the truth on ‘Rock & Roll Has Died’

Sometimes solo artists work out after being in bands half their lives. Sometimes however, they crash, burn and go back to the old band or form a new one. This time, we find an artist with an extra edge and a hunger that will clean out the buffet table.

Glasgow’s Laird has gone solo and speaks the truth on ‘Rock & Roll Has Died‘. He loves this genre of music and it’s inside his bones, his blood flows with kick ass tunes that rocks the house down.

After being in a few well-respected local bands in the Glasgow area that were blessed enough to share the stage with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Biffy Clyro and more, this artists career has come full circle.

New York legend Nas famously said that Hip Hop was dead. This has the same kind of energy and truth to it. That pure Rock & Roll vibe that was huge for many years has gone down in terms of mainstream appeal as electronic and other watered down music dominated the airwaves and radio.

Rock & Roll Has Died‘ from Scotland’s Laird has that old school feel to it as he expressed his love for this style of music. The energy is high, his vocals are so good and this is a track that takes you back to the good times. The genre will never fully die but it does feel that it could be much better. Hopefully Rock & Roll rises from the dead and returns to the top of the minds of music fans globally.

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Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds’ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper

Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds‘ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper that claws at you and find a hungry emcee with lots to say.

After dropping this new track on her 21st Birthday (many congrats), Scrambled from Upstate New York sings and raps with such soul and vigor, with stories of young life in this crazy world is so vivid. She has her cape on and is on a mission to do her thing, her way. This type of Independence is to be admired and the splendid style is such a gust of fresh air.

I feel some Tash Sultana here, she just has that extra bit of skill that you are born with and the hard work adds to the winning attitude, to bless the speakers with a fine song.

Scrambled fires in with a new track to inspire the youth during these wild times in the world on ‘Youthful Minds‘. With a wordplay that is up there with the very best young indie artists currently, this is an artist to take note of.

With lots of passion and a clear skill set that is improving each day, this is a single that spreads positive, feel-good vibes that is highly welcome in 2020.

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