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Ain’t Got Time: New York alt-RnB artist PARTYNXISE makes his moves despite the haters on ‘Talking About Me’

With a floor-thudding intro beat that surges into our beating sensitivities with breakneck spirit, PARTYNXISE strives to disregard those small-minded people who just don’t get his style on ‘Talking About Me‘.

PARTYNXISE is a flourishing The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer who has recently emerged on the scene with his comforting vocals and profound lyrics.

While everyone is masking their sound behind money woman and materials. PARTYNXISE talks about the dark truths of life, addiction, depression and anxiety. There are happier moments as well but not every day there’s a happy ending.” ~ PARTYNXISE

PARTYNXISE sends us a booming new single that is furnished with an imaginative endeavour, that is such an explosive experience for your ears that might need to have a massage to calm down. There are high-tempo vocals here paired with a dynamic desire, that takes you to a place that is quite euphoric at times.

Talking About Me‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer PARTYNXISE, is a freshly-brewed track from a youthful artist who just desires to be the biggest artist in the world. There is something somewhat unique about his music that is packed with authentic vision, that shows us a man who is only going to go upwards towards his manifested dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

PARTYNXISE has released his pitch-black Avant Garde trap track, iREMEMBERu.

After making his 2021 debut, alt independent artist, PARTYNXISE, has continued to douse the airwaves with ethereal experimentalism; his latest single, iREMEMBERu, is a psychedelically dark feat of avant-garde trap pop that uses its extended prelude to set a chillingly sombre tone.

After the phantasmal whispers and droning ambient electronica, iREMEMBERu breaks into a glitchy feat of polyphonic trip-hop filled with modern trap textures and visceral emotion as PARTYNXISE runs through pained memories. Breakups can take us to pretty dark places, but the pitch-black atmosphere in iREMEBERu is matchless.

iREMEMBERu is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gave You All My Time: Bronx artist PARTYNXISE takes us on a glorious vacation with ‘City’

As he entertainingly takes us downtown in style with a flashy beat that is packed with clear crystals and bright lights, PARTYNXISE shows us his intentions with a track all about the ‘City‘.

PARTYNXISE is a Bronx, New York-based indie Alt-Pop, Hip Hop and RnB artist. With a music style that is certainly varied and with much flavor to devour into like a tasty hot dog in summer.

Music to me is therapy, an expression.” ~ PARTYNXISE

You feel the incredibly pure enthusiasm in his vocals about this magnificent city he calls home, with a blindly exciting beat which is truly rather unique. With an assured tone and much to enjoy about a sizzling track that is packed full of that NYC punch – there is much to lather inside and you put on those fly sunglasses – and enjoy the ride that certainly has your heart beating rather joyously.

City‘ from the Bronx, New York-based indie artist PARTYNXISE, is a catchy track that is full of that extra motivation that you need to succeed in this easy-to-get-lost-into game. He sees himself at the top and playing at all the major festivals and with music like this, there is no reason to see why this can’t be possible.

Hear this fire new track on Spotify and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen