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Class Vee’s urban pop hit, House Party, is an invitation you won’t want to ignore.

Inspired by the 1990 film House Party, starring Kid N Play, the urban pop artist Class Vee paid homage to it in her infectiously galvanising hit of the same title.

The aesthetics in the official video and the old-school grooves will throw you right back to the 90s while you remain firmly in 2023 through the modernist production and Class Vee’s vocal lines, which go beyond contemporary stylings to create a brand-new trajectory to the evolution of pop hip hop.

House parties won’t solve all your problems, but House Party on your playlists will give you all the serotonin you need to get through the summer. There’s no understating the euphoric energy that Class Vee brings to the airwaves with her pitch-perfected harmonies; she’s more than an icon in the making; she’s already arrived.

The official music video for House Party premiered on May 6; catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Play That Funky “Bound by Desire” Till You Die

Smooth Retsina Glow’s “Bound By Desire” is a funky and infectious party anthem that is sure to get people up and dancing. The song features a pulsating muted guitar riff that drives the groove, complemented by virtuosic unison sections from the band that add to the energy and excitement.

Smooth Retsina Glow is a band from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that has been gigging hard and releasing music for four years. Their upcoming album, Gemini Reign, promises to continue their streak of electrifying and soulful music. The band’s latest single, also titled “Gemini Reign,” has been making waves across the globe since its release on April 1, 2023. With radio stations in the UK, Japan, Canada, and Australia charting the song high in weekly playlists, it’s clear that Smooth Retsina Glow is a band with a bright future.

“Bound By Desire” is a standout track from Smooth Retsina Glow’s discography, showcasing their ability to create infectious funk/disco grooves that are impossible to resist. The song’s catchy melody and driving rhythm are expertly crafted and showcase the band’s tight musicianship. With Colin Wolf’s smooth vocals, Sarah Stoll’s soulful backing vocals, Jacob Wolfe’s grooving bass, and Brian Derkacs’ tight drumming, “Bound By Desire” is a testament to Smooth Retsina Glow’s musical prowess.

Overall, “Bound By Desire” is a must-listen for anyone looking for a fun and energetic party track. Smooth Retsina Glow’s unique blend of funk, disco, and soul creates a sound that is both classic and fresh. With Gemini Reign on the horizon, it’s clear that Smooth Retsina Glow is a band to watch in the coming years.