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What do they know anyway: Kritters send out strong message about small-mindedness on outstanding ‘Strangers’

Kritters are back with the 3rd single off their debut album ‘Go to School‘ ‘and this honest new track is named ‘Strangers‘.

Kirini O.K. and Rob Steadman formed the fascinatingly creative South Bronx/London-based art/electro-pop and DIY act Kritters together and they are partners in life and music. Both of these wonderful talents are classically trained and you can feel the extra quality in their incredible atheistic soundscapes- throughout this new song.

Kirini O.K is an established visual artist, poet, violinist, punk lover and singer, who was born in New York and moved to the UK to study.. Rob Steadman is a South African-born drummer, former member of Stornoway and prolific producer who is also UK and New York-based.

This is the true story about how most strangers don’t have a clue what the real story is- but love to add their two cents unnecessary advice. When you don’t know the full picture, its not wise and shows zero self-awareness too.

The feeling of a cinematic experience is first on the mind here, as these two talented musicians fuse their lovely vocals together as the energy changes suddenly. The chorus features an array of electronic variety that makes you turn up the volume as you close your eyes and immerse yourself in this world class song.

Strangers‘ from Kritters is a bitingly sarcastic track at times as the frustration floats to the top, influenced by the crazy year of 2020 and also by not being where they both thought they would be in lives as we speak. Their honesty and incredible creative minds are mind-blowing on the ear as you admire their class and technical ability.

Keeping your cool is extremely hard when small-minded people speak up over something that have no part in. Smiling and having a chuckle inside, is the only way to go and makes these moments seem comedic- rather than unnecessarily annoying.

Hear this illuminating single on Soundcloud and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen