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Paris With A Broken Heart

LA rocker Abductees feels that tragic pain on visuals for ‘Paris With A Broken Heart’

As he feels like he is floating around in a nightmare after fumbling around the streets as he has just been mentally crushed by someone who he really cared greatly for, Abductees mimes his way all over the city that is so full of romance that it is bound to make a single person sad on ‘Paris With A Broken Heart‘.

Abductees is a Los Angeles, California-based indie rock act that was formed by Ando who has dealt with the loss of former bandmates as he surges on as a solo artist now.

Couples kissed and gazed at each other as our protagonist sat alone on the riverbank and poured his daft little heart out.” ~ Abductees

Formally in the business-metal band, Hostile Takeover, Abductees shows us his ravaged soul on an honest video that delves into the sensations of regret and soul-searching after being cruelly left on the sidewalk by your ex.

Paris With A Broken Heart‘ from the Los Angeles, California indie-rock artist Abductees, is a full-paced single with electric guitar riffs that has you listening closely, as we feel the passionate vocals of a man who was madly in love but is now alone. Sung with a moving intensity, this is a vital song for all those who have felt the realness that comes with your path being flipped over like a dustbin on a windy day.

Figuring out what went wrong can twist your mind for ages, as you then move into the all-important healing process that is key to getting your heart back on track to love fully again.

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