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You Told Me Not To Live In The Past: Arbaaz Sharif feels like his head is upside down on wonderful debut track ‘Something I Need To Hear’

With a fresh voice and honest vocals flowing from his reflective outlook, Arbaaz Sharif paces around unhealthily as he feels so much pain inside his heart while he just needs to hear those words of compassion with ‘Something I Need To Hear‘.

Arbaaz Sharif is a talented Pune, India-born indie pop singer-songwriter. After being highly doubted for his career choice for so long, he silences the small-minded critics once and for all with a terrific display here.

Although, his determination to improve vocals along with guitar skills took him a long way; using the criticism and passion as fuel to extract his true potential.” ~ Arbaaz Sharif

You feel his worried mind go back to that moment he wishes he could forget, each time he reflects on it his whole body goes limp and sad. He tries to find solace in looking to the future, as he knows that this feeling won’t last forever.

With finely tones vocals and smartly written lyrics – you feel like you are right beside him – encouraging this talented artist to move on swiftly from this caged up time, which can only bring back more heart breaking times if pondered on for too long. Living in the past never helps after all, looking to the now and future is the way to let your heart free to fly majestically again.

Arbaaz’s debut single “Something I Need To Hear” which would be included in the future album “The Only Way To Find Myself”, is a song that revolves around the experience of having a panic attack.” ~ Arbaaz Sharif

Something I Need To Hear‘ from the Pune, India-based indie pop singer-songwriter Arbaaz Sharif, is that honest track so many of us can relate to. In this world full of self-doubts and confusion, he tells us the story of feeling like you can’t breathe and you feel empty inside. Sung with a real insight that comes with surviving a scary panic attack, this is a song to learn from and embrace lovingly.

After dealing with so much pressure to be someone he is not, we find a flourishing artist with so much potential to be anyone he wants to be.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen