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Like A Dream: Nohland longs for those warm embraces on Don’t Wake Me Up

Reminiscing so fondly about a love which is so fresh in the memory, Nohland sings with so much love and care as he shows us the way to getting back with that special soulmate on Don’t Wake Me Up.

Nohland is a London, UK-based Panama-born indie alternative indie pop artist who makes honest music which shall heat the souls of many.

This is a track about falling in love with someone with who you have no future with, the track is the story about how one night felt like a dream from which you don’t want to wake up from.” ~ Nohland

Lathered in so much authenticity and a genuine memory which shall never be forgotten, Nohland has made a single which will stir the emotions of so many lonely humans.

Don’t Wake Me Up from London, UK-based Panama-born indie alternative indie pop artist Nohland is an admirably made single which is a warm embrace to a past lover. Performed with so much gusto and projected rather sweetly, this is a reminder that one night can change everything forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen