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School is in session for Monicasuperiorroze’s lesson on sensuality in her seminal single, Close

The spotlight is moving ever closer to the sensuous soulstress, Monicasuperiorroze. The Palmdale-residing RnB artist brought as much heat as the Cali sun she finds her inspiration under in her seminal single, Close.

The kicked-based grooves and sultry harmonies set an elevated laid-back tone, while the lyrics show how visceral affection should always be. With nuances of trip-hoppy jazz written into the extended mix and ample room for vocal progression and tensile amplification, Close is a whirlwind for all the senses.

There is a discernible boldness and confidence in her indie RnB stylings; she could never be accused of being assimilative. If she’s following any rulebook, it is the one she constructed from the confetti after ripping up the rules laid down by everyone before her.

Stream Close on YouTube. Follow Monicasuperiorroze on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drive By Cinema wrapped their hooks around toxic party culture in the 00s pop-punk hit, Drink On

The Palmdale, CA pop-punk outfit Drive By Cinema launched a scathingly hooky attack on party culture in their latest single, Drink On, featuring the NY pop-punk band, Ronx.

In their own nihilistically hedonist words, “Drive By Cinema makes pop punk for when you want to party, but you also want to die”. On that basis alone, we adore the five-piece that is bringing back the sound of Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 and Hawthorne Heights with a modern twist.

While the lyrics cut you deep in Drink On, the choruses will wrap you up in their boisterous momentum before the verses melodically wind it back down to ensure every lyric makes maximum impact. The independent outfit might wear their heart on their sleeves but there’s plenty of room in the hit to brand their sonic signature through the contrasts in tempo, which encapsulate the rollercoaster life when you’re always chasing the highs, numbing the pain and crashing right back down with less serotonin than when you started.

Following Drink On, Drive By Cinema is priming their album release with Johnathan Mireles (audio engineer for Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly). Stay tuned.

Drink On will officially release just in time for New Year’s Eve revelry on December 30th. You might want to rethink your plans after hearing it. Spin it on Spotify. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gotta Get More Money: Afroman and BLAZAR heat up the airwaves with stem-less ‘Step It Up’

Powered by Cosmic Wire and AntiFragile, Afroman and BLAZAR join forces expertly to raise the level of 2021 with their dance-floor slider that is all about uplifting yourself to making that real paper stack of influential significance on ‘Step It Up‘.

Afroman is a world famous Palmdale, California-born indie rapper, multi-instrumentalist and singer. He is joined by label boss and music producer Jerad Finck aka BLAZAR, on this rip-roaring effort which will be craftiliy caught in your nodding head all day long.

Step It Up‘ from Afroman and BLAZAR, is a catchy new single all about not settling for the random average that can keep your soul from truly being satisfied. With a powerful message like this, ravishing raps from a true legend of the game, smooth vocals and a pimp stick swinging beat that has you putting those fresh sunglasses on as you dust off your smartest clothes, this is a momentum-shifting track. You feel like this is best to put on loud when you are feeling like you need to elevate yourself upwards – to a new level of achievement in your life.

Sometimes you just need to jump up from the slumber and do better, so that your hungry heart may feel alive and excited again.

Check out this blazing hot new track on Spotify and see more adventures on Afroman’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen