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Palm Trees In Moscow

Baltimore rock act Palm Trees In Moscow urges us to break free on, ‘Drunk At The Airport’

With a reverb-soaked experience to listen intently to as we curiously contemplate our current uncertain path in this bloodbath-saturated world, Palm Trees In Moscow returns with an ear-soothing new single that shall get you thinking profoundly with, ‘Drunk At The Airport‘.

Created by Chris Frantz, Palm Trees In Moscow is a Baltimore, Maryland alternative rock outfit that makes an anthem-sounding blend of harmony-packed awesomeness to be uplifted by.

People often build invisible walls and put intangible limitations on themselves; this song is an anthemic cry to break out of the purgatory limbo of life we often create for ourselves.” ~ Palm Trees In Moscow

Dropping a punchy pop/roots/rock/shoegaze mixture of delicious intelligence, Palm Trees In Moscow sends us into a world of infatuation with a terrific track to put on vociferously. There is a delightfully inspiring transmission to lather deeply into here, with a fierce atmosphere that should wake up the sleepy slumber inside us all.

Drunk At The Airport‘ from Baltimore, Maryland alternative rock act Palm Trees In Moscow is one of the most introspective tracks you are likely to hear today. With vocals that are certainly striking and have you turning up the volume so you don’t miss out on any hidden lyrics, this is a single that shows us the laser focus of a skilled artist who has lived.

Showing us how to smash through those boundaries we have set for no reason, this is a rock track to truly appreciate for its vital message.

Follow the Spotify page in anticipation of the single release on the 3rd of June and get an inside look on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen