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Change My Fate: The Bleepy Things laments that harrowing remorse on Trouble

Healing from the sore sensation of being played like a guitar and the harsh sour feeling, The Bleepy Things have dropped a memorable single which will remind many of the 80s on their catchy new track Trouble.

The Bleepy Things is a Pittsburgh, PA-based indie funk-pop punk-rock band who loves nothing more than a noisy mosh pit causing carnage on the dance floor.

Busting through the broken door and sending the awaiting world a skyrocketing gem of note, The Bleepy Things show us that genuine underground grind on this rather excellent single. There is a rare edge here and a fantastic quality to sip on all night, we find a hugely reflective glow that so many of us will surely recall.

Trouble from Pittsburgh, PA-based indie funk-pop punk-rock band The Bleepy Things is a flourishing single and made for maximum impact. With vocally advanced melodies and so much power from solos of significance, this is one of those marvellous songs which sounds comprehensively timeless.

Hear this fine song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sapphire/Sapphire Faded Genes Band Interview: Surging deeply into Remember When

We were lucky enough to speak with Sapphire/Sapphire Faded Genes Band recently and had one of the most intriguing interviews yet. Thriving with complete honesty and leading many local musicians to a better place, this is a must-read for anyone who cares about their music scene:

We are super enthusiastic to dice it up with you music-wise today, Sapphire/Sapphire Faded Genes Band and big love right at ya for giving us a few minutes of your time. Remember When is your latest release. Please let us into why you made this excellent song and what it means for you?

Sapphire: Remember When is a song that reflects on my childhood and the fun I had with my friends growing up. I decided to create a song that people could relate too, especially during the times when children could play outdoors and not worry about getting hurt by gunfire. My friends and I would dress up alike and skate for hours. This song is very dear to me and I pray that it touches someone in a special way.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What’s it like living there and do you find the scene vibrant and diverse?

Sapphire: Born and raised Philadedelphia Pa. Most of my life I must say, it was very enjoyable living in Philadedelphia. This is where I learned how to become an amazing teacher, entertainer, and model. In fact, I went to John Robert Powers Modeling School and learned how to be graceful and poise, which helped me later on with my performance abilities. Philadedelphia has paved the way for many established musicians and I am extremely blessed to be one of them. I have adopted vocal skills such as jazz, RnB, rap, pop and blues and this is what makes Philadedelphia dear to my heart. Although Philadedelphia has its challenges and it seems to have lacked in the support department. I tend to struggle figuring out the reasons, especially since we have such an over abundance of talent and a wide variety of styles which makes us that much stronger.

What does the music scene need to do better or become to help indie artists succeed?

Sapphire: Although I’m a firm believer that you have to grind from the muscle and give it all you got. I also believe that opportunities need to be offered to artists who have demonstrated that they can produce if given a chance.

If a new musician came up to you after this interview and asked for advice on how to survive this fickle industry, what would you tell them?

Sapphire: I would advise new musicians to make sure their presentation is on point. I have seen unprofessional videos, music is not mixed properly and their content is dated. Website and social media platforms are unprofessional. Even if the artist can sing. It is very important to create material that will draw your audience to you. In other words, write songs that can help people reflect and relate. Also, stay focused and do not allow social media or someone else’s success to distract or intimidate you. There is plenty room for you and the world will accept you too. If you can accomplish the following, that would be the start of something special.

Do you remember the first time you were on stage, and what it felt like?

Sapphire: I have been performing on stage ever since I was in elementary school. Each time is different and I still get a little nervous. I have learned different techniques to help me perform without the anxiety.

Can we catch you live before 2022 ends or do you have some events slowly brewing for 2023?

Sapphire: Because I am in several projects, I will be performing on stage with The First Ladies of Rock and Soul at The Broadway Theatre Dec.30, Dec. 31 and Jan.1. The new year Sapphire FadedGenes Band will be performing with updates coming soon. Also Sapphire will be performing for the second time a stage play “The Shoeshine Box” April 15 and April 16. So stay tuned for updates.

Listen up to the vibration on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

‘’Stand up’’ is Pittsburgh Metal Rockers ‘Changing Tymz’ new smashing single with positive message

Didn’t you hear the voices crying out?

Changing Tymz’ are an American Hard Rock/Metal band, from Pittsburgh, the home of ice-hockey in the USA. A loud band, with lots of solo’s, they are really going for it at the moment and clearly love playing together.

The band brings a mix of power metal, and today’s modern metal riffs for the younger fans enjoyment. This is an act with a lot of passion and you can see from their music that they give it all while on stage.

They officially released their 5 track EP in February of 2020 and are now in the pre-production stage of their full-length debut album. I’m keen to see how the album sounds but for now, let’s enjoy ‘’Stand Up’’ for what it is. This is a united song about being together during dark times, a poignant message while living in 2020. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen