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Ain’t No Trust: Colt Graves attempts to get back on his feet while travelling through the Lonesome Roads

Looking for happier days after feeling rather defeated lately, Colt Graves looks for that brace to keep in place from those rainy days on the excellent new travel-bound single to navigate with on those hazard-packed Lonesome Roads.

Colt Graves is an Owensboro, Kentucky-based indie country singer-songwriter who fuses hip-hop and pop into his hugely creative tracks.

Colt has been singing and writing songs since he was a child under the guidance of his grandfather, Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member, Josh Graves.” ~ Colt Graves

Looking for that shot to turn tomorrow into a much better day, Colt Graves is in a moody form via this electrically charged single to change attitudes with. Letting us onto the horse and showing us that all-knowing emotional carnage within, we find a spectacular experience to lather deep into when a reflective light starts to shine deep in the eyes.

Lonesome Roads from Owensboro, Kentucky-based indie country singer-songwriter Colt Graves is a rather special song which might cause hearts to flutter and heads to nod in agreement. We are treated to something rather soul-soothing and will also invoke so many memories to come flooding back like a pouring waterfall.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying true to yourself: E.D impresses highly with ‘i promise’ (Prod. i$mael jam)

E.D rips the mic off the stand with an impressive performance on the outstanding new single called ‘i promise‘ (Prod. i$mael jam).

Ed Carter aka E.D is an underground American emcee from Owensboro, Kentucky and he is a seriously skilled storyteller who has a razor flow that is sharpened correctly; could be known to the whole wide world.

The jazzy start gets you grooving quickly as the exquisite beat drops to much applause. The true story about trying to ignore the money train and staying true to your morals in this often-fake world. He raps from the heart and stays true to himself with a soulful style that illuminates from each bar he drops.

His flow is flourishing and the witty lyricism reminds you of the good old days of that top shelf hip-hop. With a dazzling array of punchy lyrics, he smashes through the competition with a thumping track that grabs your soul hard and doesn’t let go.

i promise‘ (Prod. i$mael jam) from Kentucky emcee E.D is the type of hip-hop track you admire and turn up loud to take in the quality vocals, excellent beat and ultimate realness.

If he can build a small and loyal team, be highly visible on all viable music and social media platforms and push out consistently valuable content, he has the talent to go far in this game, if he wants it enough. To promise yourself you will do whatever it takes, is a statement and a mindset that conquers all.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see what’s next on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen