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I’m Sick Of Your Dirty Secrets: Adelaide’s Michaela Keast is quite superb on debut track ‘Overdramatic’

Made with lots of love from her messy bedroom in South Australia, the lovely blonde haired Ozzie Michaela Keast brings us her first-ever released catchy music creation made despite the madness around called ‘Overdramatic‘.

Michaela Keast is a twenty-three-years-young Adelaide, Australia-based indie-pop artist, online production course graduate and professional pet cuddle enthusiast.

Instead of hiding away inside during the horrific pandemic, she has used this time to reflect as a way to better herself and this shows through her wanting to learn new skills. With a natural and bubbly personality, her genuine energy shines through like a stunning rainbow after a massive storm, on this wonderfully-made new single.

Written, recorded, and produced in her bedroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.” ~ Michaela Keast

This is the true story of wishing that some former friends and ex’s would stop being all about themselves and always looking for that soapie tv-reality drama all the time, as you have moved on and they need to do the same. When they speak you are actually thinking about something else – as you have lost all respect for their back-stabbing and talking-behind-your-back ways – while you know all their dirty secrets anyway.

‘I was reading and writing before I could walk, so I wrote a lot of poetry and songs as a kid. When I was 7, I begged my mum to let me take vocal lessons, and I never looked back.” ~ Michaela Keast

Overdramatic‘ from the youthful Adelaide, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter Michaela Keast, is a sensationally astute debut from a highly talented creative who has such a soothing vocal range. She enthusiastically tells us the wise story of brushing off the drama-filled world like a piece of pesky dust that needs to be swept away, as she flourishes on a pop-dance beat that seems to fit this song like a well-fitted glove.

Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, and show that you aren’t afraid of anyone’s silly childish games. The real will always see the real eventually.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her adventurous IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen