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Outlaw Survivor

‘Southern Outlaw’ is the ride to survive from Marcello Vieira

Southern Outlaw‘ is the ride to survive from Marcello Vieira as he skids in with a quality new single.

Marcello is a vastly experienced vocalist, singer-songwriter, real estate agent and session musician. He is skilled in various trades and pushes himself with his music to improve all the time.

This is a hustle soundtrack that is about how life is as an outlaw survivor. Things are tough out there and you need to have your wits about you. Getting caught is no option here, you must ride fast and be street smart. The world is a crazy place.

Marcello has a strong voice, you can sense his strength inside and this vocals reflect that. This is a true storyteller who wears his heart on his sleeve, you can feel his life experiences as you get lost in his voice. ‘Southern Outlaw‘ is that type of song you need to hear loud to fully experience this excellent artist who keeps it real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen