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Sleep This Off: Virginia band Out on the Weekend go big on the true life ‘After Party’

After Party by Out on the Weekend

With a driving sound that reminds you of the good times that have sadly passed, Out on the Weekend ditch the keys somewhere in the bushes and go all out with ‘After Party‘.

Out on the Weekend is an exciting alt-rock band from Charlottesville, Virginia, which is the quality music project of singer-songwriter, audio engineer and producer Nathan Scholz.

The thumping drums wakes you up from the thirsty slumber as his passionate vocals gets you off the grass where you passed out, and has you trying to remember what actually happened. Lots of fun was had but now its gotten a bit too out of hand, as you have lost the path where you originally wanted to go.

This is the story about the big night out that turned into years — with people coming and going as you forget the names of the people you meet — and lose yourself completely to those cold beverages, that seem to go down a bit too easily than they should.

After Party‘ from Virginia alt-rockers Out on the Weekend, shows us into the party that got a bit out of hand — as the 90s rock nostalgia blows over the empty beer cans and gives you chills — with the realness attached the hurting hangover. Sometimes the fun can go a bit too far and has you asking yourself if you can actually change, or will you be stuck in the haze forever.

Hear this honest new single on Bandcamp and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen