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Oso brings in the new wave of summer RnB with his latest single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger.

Joe Amoroso, AKA Oso, is a Queens, New York-residing RnB artist bringing the genre into the 21st-century with his crossover beats and old school RnB grooves.

His new material features multi-platinum artists and a multi-platinum feel, the perfect introduction to his slick and affectionate style is his single, ‘Over the Moon’, featuring Eric Bellinger. It’s a high-vibe salacious vignette of contemporary culture told through lush harmonised vocals and unpredictably galvanising beats.

Oso may have some tough competition in the New York RnB scene, but he’s well on his way to reaching the same heights as Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Mario. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video that premiered on May 27th by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Can Feel It: Queens artist Oso feels so fresh on the catchy new money-flying single ‘Over The Moon’ (feat. Eric Bellinger)

With smooth lyrics, inviting visuals and saucy one liners that might have you gasping in your sofa, Oso jumps right ‘Over The Moon(feat. Eric Bellinger) on this party-filled new single that will have you nodding your head to the inviting beat.

Joe Amoroso aka Oso is a Queens, New York-based RnB singer-songwriter. He makes that straight forward music that has you turning the lights down low and your body feeling like that slow dance, is just about to begin.

This is the story of feeling that you are in a confident mood when you are with her on this casual escapade – as you aren’t going to be together for long – but intend to have as much fun as possible while you are together. Life is short after all.

The crisp production is new school and has you so captivated and rather intrigued, the RnB/hip hop mix strides through with swagger without any doubts attached – and takes you for a night-lit ride to the house party that has been heard before – but is sung with so much conviction that you believe each word.

Over The Moon(feat. Eric Bellinger) from Queens-based RnB artist Oso, shows us to a place far above our expectations for a track that has the night still young – with a video that holds you in tight – and takes you into a hot place with some sensual lyrics and two artists who don’t pull back any punches.

See the just-dropped video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The future is here: Oso meets his match on the steaming hot RnB single ‘Tap In’

Featuring the lovely Melanie Angel on the new video as the fellow washer at the local dry cleaners, fresh new singer-songwriter Oso drops one of the hottest RnB tracks of the year with ‘Tap In‘. He has his hands full with her but he doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

Oso is a Queens, New York RnB/Soul artist who is one of the new breed of musicians who are aiming to bring the genre back to prominence in his city. After growing up in the golden age, he has that extra special style that ensures that if he wants it enough, he will move up the ranks quickly. Co-produced by Hitmaka and the duo Ayo N’ Keyz, this seems like a dynamic team that have just made a hit track.

When you are clearly too creative for the shackles of school life, music is the savior and doing what you love is a blessing; you will sleep in studios and do whatever it takes to make it. This is the only way to succeed in this wild game with so many other artists around, so you need to stand out from the rest.

His voice is so smooth, you don’t need a razor to shave. This is a singer who has endured hardships and who isn’t letting go of this opportunity very easily. When you have talent you need to put in the hard work too otherwise it won’t work for long and it feels like we are witnessing the start of something special.

With an EP on the way, this is the single that is going to help knock the door down and listeners need to wake up and enjoy the ride.

This is the story about upping your game and speaking to that person you like otherwise you may never know what could of been. You might seem to get rejected a few times but that is all a part of the game. Showing your intentions and looking fresh with a smile, is all you really need to do to see if they are into you too. From there, the temperature heats up real quick.

If you want it bad enough, you gotta put the time in and it feels like Oso is that guy. ‘Tap In‘ is the hottest song I’ve seen/heard all year and you might need a cold shower after watching this video.

The tension is so obvious and this is an excellent RnB track that signals a new era for a previously-stale state of affairs. No more. The future is here and looking really bright.

Put your shades on and see this video on YouTube. See his IG for more info on what’s next.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen