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Maybe We Can Fly Away: Exceptional Australian folk duo Boy On A Hill spit out the sour pips to grow that long-term love on ‘Superglue’

After having our loving hearts in a crush-filled flutter with ‘Pretty Thing‘ from earlier on this year, the awesome Boy On A Hill fellas are back at it again on the fixing-the-cracks single about never giving up on love with ‘Superglue‘.

Boy On A Hill is an outstanding Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo with a vibe that keeps your soul alive with hope. They smartly strap on those laced-up boots, kick the pesky rocks away, and take us onto a safe path with a sensational sunset up above.

It’s a sweet acoustic pop tune about relationships, with an animated video created by the multi-talented West Australian singer Ornella.” – Boy On A Hill

You feel so warm and captivated by this lovely single from the rather talented and genuine mountain-conquering outfit, who seem to have the genuine kindness and that rare much-need motivation needed, to tell us relevant stories in such an enchanting way. The gushing vocals and effortlessly penned vocals are mixed wisely with a true sound for the ages – that makes everything okay again – despite how things may have started in your day.

Superglue‘ from the terrifically self-aware Perth, Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, thoughtfully wipes away the self-doubt and shows us all how its done, if you truly want to spend quality time with that sweet soul. We are transported into a superbly-made animated video that captures the moment perfectly, and has your happy feet tapping like they should again.

See this wonderfully-made video on YouTube and follow their movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen