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Nothing to lose: The Call from Upstairs bring synth-pop wonder to ‘On My Way’

Bringing a soothing sonic soundscape that will have you reminiscing¬†about you favorite¬†bands back in the day, The Call from Upstairs ring into our ears with some fascinating inter-planetary sounds from yesteryear, on the brand new single called ‘On My Way‘.

Orange County-based indie-pop/rock/synth outfit The Call from Upstairs, make that intriguing 80’s sound and blend it into the new age with a masterful performance. They take us to another planet here and you this is a song that will have you looking outside your window a bit closer tonight.

Like an illuminating light and catchy pop daydreams, this is the story about having nothing to lose and following your desires to get out of this situation, as you miss them so much. They say that they need you but you don’t truly believe them, as something is being hidden away from you. You don’t have much to lose so are going to follow your heart anyway and give this a try- despite what your gut tells you.

With calming vocals, they manage to lift the mood and give us a throwback song that makes this one of the more exciting songs of 2021 for fans of this genre.

On My Way‘ from Anaheim, California indie pop/synth act The Call from Upstairs, is like that song you have heard before but isn’t. They fuse a melodic firework of electricity into a mysterious blend of sounds, that will cause currents in your household to spark through your wires. They are a truly unique group that blow the mind and make you feel calmer and somehow a bit paranoid too.

Hear this unique new single on Spotify and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christmas love in abundance: Orange County singer-songwriter Raza sends us a happy message on ‘This Christmas’

Raza is back with a fun festive season message of the highest quality on the new single called ‘This Christmas‘.

The LA based singer-songwriter, music video producer and composer Raza is a man that takes his art seriously and has built his name up over the years. This is due to leaving it all on the stage and giving his fans a real show with his lovely lyrics and soothing voice, that is like being blessed by a true musician who is a master at his craft.

This is a song that shows how you how that extra motivating to be with your special person this time of year. This is the story about having strong feelings for your lover and how you want to spend as much time as possible with them. This is the best time of the year for love and being alone in not an option.

His vocals show a musician that is totally comfortable with his art and just wants to make his fans happy. The positive message is a blessing to our ears and 2020 has been a year that most wished had never happened.

This Christmas‘ from Raza is a wonderful message that cheers us up so much during these gloomy times. His terrific array of intricate guitar soundscapes cleanses our souls and helps us smile again.

After all, music heals all pain and this festive season message is a fantastic feast for our tired hearts. Having that loving feeling during this time is the way to go so that you aren’t lonely or sad during this happy time.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen