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Rock n’ Roll Opera gets overblown and fabulous with ‘The Fortunate Few’

While the lack of lockdown giggery has seen any number of recording projects take shape in home studios the world over, it takes a different kind of boldness to write an hour-and-a-half of brand new rock opera. That, however, is what The Fortunate Few present us with here and…well, it’s ace. Screeching guitar, a perfect Hammond organ part, and stunning male and female vocal parts, this is the opening track to an eighteen-track extravaganza and it sets the tone perfectly; the story begins with Mr. and Mrs. Todd at home, watching television, when a commercial comes on for Bendall’s Clinic…and…we’re off and into the Fortunate Few.

In the not too distant future, babies are grown in clinics and bought like cars or household appliances – sure, it’s easy to draw comparisons to Rocky Horror or Little Shop Of Horrors, although this is closest to the soundtrack to the awesome Circus Of Horrors (there’s perhaps a ‘horror’ theme, here), this is proper bombastic, overblown, 1970’s-style rock pomposity, and frankly it’s absolutely stellar.

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Review by Alex Holmes

Soi Fabulous – Fallen Angel ft. Sheena Chochan: A Sobering Soundscape of Operatic Rock

For anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time amongst creatives and musicians there is one glaring issue. Soi Fabulous addresses this issue with such poignancy in her latest single Fallen Angel ft. Sheena Cochan the track would have been haunting if it wasn’t so God damn soulful. The issue of course Is the tragic consequence of drug addiction. Whilst many artists glamorize the issue, but Soi Fabulous tackles the issue in an aurally astounding way through her extremely progressive yet poignant track Fallen Angel. What starts out as a relatively operatic yet subtle track the guitar-driven rhythms kick in providing a raucously melodic progression packed full of sobering, angular, crunchy riffs to help drive the sentiment home. Soi Fabulous’ vocal range is almost as hard hitting to the lyricism in Fallen Angel which has massive viral potential, not just for the sentiment, but also for the pure talent on display from Soi.

You can check out the official video to Soi Fabulous’ track Fallen Angel on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast