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K.I.R.K – Elevate: 2PAC Would Be Proud

K.I.R.K promises an Old School Hip Hop revival, and he delivers. K.I.R.K AKA James Kirkendoll is a producer & sound engineer from Atlanta, US. It’s clear that he’s mastered his sound. Now perhaps it would be time to master his style.

The production of the track can’t be faulted, it’s flawless, well rounded and maintains a smooth flow throughout. However, this Hip Hop & Rap artist seems to be more on a journey to match his Hip Hop idols such as 2PAC & Kendrick Lemar rather than really investing in his own brand of music. It lacks the lustre and true lyrical passion. The vocal score almost comes across as apathetic, which is a real shame for this emerging artist.

An artist with such amazing mixing talent has the potential to go far. Elevate is just one of the tracks to come off the Elevation EP which was brought out in July, yet it’s gone down with mixed reviews. It’s one thing to go for the whole Rap legend aesthetic, but if you can’t back it up with a little soul, what’s the point?

Check it out for yourself using the Soundcloud link below: