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Iamyungtip – Locked Out: Future-Ready RnB Hip Hop

Looking back on a scar-littered relationship, Iamyungtip’s latest single, Locked Out, is a remorseful retrospective account of a chapter of history where the lows pitted out the highs, but the affection is unwaning.

The mature slice of future-ready RnB hip hop is a testament to the Youngstown, Ohio-based artist’s songwriting skills that he has been working on since he was eight years old when he wrote poetry for his crushes. In adulthood, he’s lost none of the diehard romanticism and picked up plenty of sonic skills to evolve his expression from the page to the airwaves.

The melodic hooks, the way his cleverly effect-laden harmonised vocals lock in with the sweepingly arrestive melodies and the way he always brings you into the heart of his music makes him a triple threat and a playlist staple worthy artist for anyone who appreciates a hip hop icon unafraid to show his emotion.

Locked Out is now available to stream on Spotify,

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rex Mundii transcends typical rap tropes with his lyrical flex in his debut single, Majintai.

Cleveland, Ohio newcomer Rex Mundii introduced the hip hop world to his ensnaring lyrical flex through his debut single, Majintai, on October 9th, 2021.

His prophetic rap style and dark atmospheric beats make for a volatile pairing in Majintai that transcends the usual rap tropes to deliver mindful introspection you’ll want to hear on repeat. With every listen, you pull new fragments of self-actualised wisdom from the debut track that has already allowed Rex Mundii to amass over 11k monthly streamers on Spotify alone. We’d put money on Mundii blowing up in 2022 and beyond; he’s billboard multi-platinum material.

Majintai is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BQpid throws away disingenuous pretence in his latest emo trap track, ‘Ceilings’

If there’s one thing that sets Ohio-residing artist BQpid’s sound apart from the rest, it is the depth of his lyrics that throw away any sense of disingenuous pretence. In his latest self-produced single, Ceilings, the atmospherically sallow indie trap melodies carry reminiscence to the likes of Post Malone and Mac Miller but with the dark undertone to Ceilings, he well and truly put himself in a league of his own.

For maximum evocative impact, the 18-year-old artist and producer worked elements of pop and RnB into the vocals in the emo-rap track that brings a brand new level of meaning to the word ‘candid’.

Ceilings is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

CSC Papi is set to release his ethereal RnB track, Chauffer.

CSC Papi

Cleveland, Ohio Pop, RnB and hip hop fusionist CSC Papi is set to drop his most evocative track to date with his latest single, Chauffer. The reverb-drenched atmospheric track puts emotion at the forefront, but the dak moody RnB track is all about the ensnaring hooks that pull you right into the soul of the mix.

His masterful vocal canter and commitment to creating synergy between instrumentals, vocals and lyrics, ensured that Chauffer hit hard and hit like no other. The radio-ready single deserves to go viral.

You can check out Chauffer on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast