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Oh The Pain

Techno slammer ‘’Oh The Pain’’ by London locals YayRaven featuring Martina hammers the airwaves

To be fully released on the 5th June 2020 ‘YayRaven’ and ‘Martina’ thump their way into the party with their latest song, that is sure to please the masses at 2am on that sweaty dance floor.

The new duo who are based in London, England- make a fine introduction with their release. In a flooded genre with one hit wonders spread everywhere, you need to be consistent to stay in the game for the long term. You do, however, need that summer hit to make an entrance. I’m not certain this is the one but ‘Oh The Pain’ has a thumping beat, sensual but dark vocals and the song is catchy.

B-Litt Music Recordings is backing this song so let’s wait and see how this new track does when the crowds are back in the live venues. For now, it will be fascinating to see how the streamers enjoy ‘’Oh The Pain’’.

Get on the ‘YayRaven’ SoundCloud page now to familiarize yourself with the new Techno artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen