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Raymond West shows us the way of life right now on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief)

With the 2nd release from his upcoming mixtape, ‘Jerseys & Convertibles‘, Raymond West raps with rampant self-assuredness that will surely illuminate up your day on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief).

Raymond West is an indie Hip hop artist and entrepreneur who grew up in the historically rich area of Tremé, New Orleans.

At the tender age of seven, West penned his first rap lyrics. The initial puerile lyrics slowly progressed into more mature compositions with age and experience.” ~ Raymond West

Sending us into a better frame of mind with a track that is revved up to perfection, Raymond West and Big Chief combine like a fine wine that never ages and have dropped a lyrically astute single to turn the volume up with. Filled with stories of love, life and hustle, this is a release that is bundled with truths that many of us can certainly relate to in this survive-or-die world.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ruined New Orleans, causing citizens to evacuate. A young and impressionable West found himself relocated to Oakland, CA. Initially facing culture shock, Raymond soon found himself being nurtured by the unfamiliar surroundings.” ~ Raymond West

Carphones and Beepers(feat. Big Chief) from Tremé, New Orleans-born indie Hip hop artist Raymond West is a confidently performed single that might get you in the mood for a cruise with the crew. With a sunny attitude and quick-fire raps that might have you dusting off your sunglasses, this is a song for the summer skies and only good vibes.

When you know you are headed for the top, everything else just seems to fall into place.

Ride with this new video on YouTube and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only See A Shadow: Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay kicks back and reminisces about a past love on ‘Rewind’

Inspired by Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, and the late-great Mac Miller, Mellay remembers when he was with someone who took his confidence away for a short time, but still wishes they had more time together as the sparks were raging hot on ‘Rewind‘.

Mellay is an Oakland, California-based Asian hip-hop artist, music producer and visual artist who is originally from Hawaii.

While most hip hop artists keep their flaws hidden behind confidence, Mellay lets them shine through his music.” ~ Mellay

He has a quality-lit flow and seems to possess that old school mentality through his rhymes, as he raps with a rare confidence and certain conviction of his ever-evolving abilities. It feels like you are listening to an underground legend who is only going to improve on each track, as his voice keeps that cool consistent edge throughout this gem of a release.

His unique ability to let his guard down allows him to stand out as an artist that many can relate to, something that has become less and less common in today’s roster of rising artists.” ~ Mellay

Rewind‘ from the Oakland-based hip-hop artist Mellay, is a well-made track with a catchy chorus, a sizzling beat and bars filled with some smoothly layered lyrics that take you back to the classic days of this classic genre. This is the type of introspective track to lay back with as you think back to when you were with someone who made your heart beat, but couldn’t see yourself being with long-term.

Sometimes your memory takes you to places you have forgotten about before, as you smile and gaze to the skies to wonder who will be the next romantic soul in your life.

Check out the new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Who Am I Without You: Emily Afton is rather special on the sublime ‘Fractions’ (feat. Mahawam) [Reconsideration Version]

With her thoughtful mind only focused on evolving and working out who she wants to be, Emily Afton wants that true love but knows that she isn’t ready just yet on the splendid ‘Fractions(feat. Mahawam) (Reconsideration Version).

Oakland and LA-based Emily Afton, is a sumptuously talented and self-aware indie electro plush-pop singer-songwriter and is also a multi-skilled instrumentalist. She has that immaculate ability to really grab your attention on each one of her carefully created tracks – as her striking eyes and soulful vocals – have you feeling like you are witnessing something so tremendously unique.

Afton views RECONSIDERATION as both an evolution and a sort of coming home to herself all in the same. She is already hard at work on her next full-length album.” ~ Emily Afton

Emily Afton and fellow Oakland native Mahawam’s inspired energies combine so beautifully as they take turns to layer down a remarkably excellent track, which has produced something so meaningful, into the waters of a nervous world which needs so much love and harmony.

Fractions(feat. Mahawam) (Reconsideration Version) from the LA and Oakland, USA-based plush-pop artist Emily Afton, is that true story about working on yourself first, before you can be with someone else 100%. You think about them so much and know that this isn’t what they want to hear, however you are doing this to prevent future heartbreak.

This is a terrifically designed single from an incredible creative mind that has that extra layer of class, which has you dreaming deeply about that happy medium you truly seek.

See her lovely music video on YouTube and see more on her IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pause Button Broke: Oakland rapper AutherRay is all about the go-mentality on the street-storied ‘No Love’ (ft. Sluggah and AB)

Produced by Hudson and performed with a real honest edge that lets you know what its like in the wild streets of mistrust, AutherRay knows that its hard out there if you aren’t careful who you hang with on ‘No Love (ft. Sluggah and AB).

AutherRay is an underground Oakland, California-based rapper. He forges through the dusty mic to transform a state of mind that lifts him over the rest of the so-called competition like a monster truck on a mission to find the finish line.

Giving the world real music to last generations and creating vibes for the times to come.” ~ AutherRay

You feel the truth come out of the three artists when they have their turn, each artist is highly skilled and ready to put on a potent display – which shows you their ultimate hunger to succeed – in this wild west type of world. Staying the main dog is the only way to eat properly, as relying on scraps is going to leave you always wanting more.

No Love(ft. Sluggah and AB) from the gangsta Oakland, California-based rap artist AutherRay, shows us the inner workings off the mindset from three people who have been through it all and have the scars to prove it. Their mentality is of the survivor perspective as they have been let down many times before. They have traumatically seen close friends and family slain for a variety of petty reasons – as they give us a street story for the ages – that strikes fear into your heart massively and makes you wonder, if true peace in the world shall ever truly prevail.

See the new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Forget: Oakland’s 50xDIP keep it real on ‘Pray For Our Sins’

Taken off their brand new five-track ‘Members EP‘, 50xDIP spray their lines down to the ground with a united feel on the bars-filled new single that has them winning easily on ‘Pray For Our Sins‘.

50xDIP is a promising Oakland, California-based five-piece hip-hop collective who started their journey in 2017 with parties and a clothing label. They make that entertaining music which floods into your mind and keeps things fresh with street-hop rhymes, combined with a blustery beat, which lets you know that they are for real.

Their teamwork is so apparent here as they all have a have a well-earned turn on the awaiting mic — their style is honest and forthright and has no cheesy tales inside the burger– and features so much venom that the snake needs a refill. You feel their candid street-smarts come to the fold, and this is an underground track that has a lot to like entrenched inside it.

Pray For Our Sins‘ from the well-respected Oakland, California-based hip-hop group 50xDIP, has you looking for the skies above to wonder further, if karma really strikes you down if you do bad things. This is a track that is straight to the point and shreds through like a sharp slicer on the mic. The underground feel is real and an ode to the classic days, of this hugely popular genre.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Western life: Daniel Cooper drops stunning visuals for ‘Cacti’

Singing from the heart and for a good cause, Daniel Cooper is back with the passionate new single to help raise funds on ‘Cacti‘.

Daniel Cooper is a Chicago-raised, Oakland, California-based former band member and now solo singer-songwriter, who sings with an admirable self-awareness and a comeback mentality, after being away from music a few years ago. He has that motivational edge to him and makes that soulfully relevant soundscape, that enters your world to teach you new things about yourself, you didn’t know before.

This is the story of taking your own journey, no matter if others understand it or not. Taking others advice is dangerous sometimes and this can cause you to divert from your end plan. Being yourself and doing what you feel is right, is the way to go as its your life after all.

”100% of profits from song purchases will be donated to the East Oakland Collective. The EOC is a member-based community organizing group invested in serving the communities of deep East Oakland by working towards racial and economic equity. Covid-19 relief efforts include daily distribution of food, sanitation, and household supplies to community members in need.”- Daniel Cooper

His vocals show us into his life and you can feel his passion throughout this uniquely worked music video, that shows us how much he values nature and wants to showcase it in the best light possible.

Cacti‘ from Oakland’s solo singer-songwriter Daniel Cooper, is an ode to those willing adventurers that aren’t afraid to take a risk in life, as their freedom of expression wipes away all self-doubt, to lead them to finding that elusive happiness.

See this quality video on YouTube and see more about his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thought Leaders release Post-Punk single Radiator

Radiator by Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders has dropped their single ‘Radiator’ pulling in that fierce Post-Punk sound, not being afraid to inject it with heaviness and a hardcore instrumentation.

From the get go, it starts off with this eerie sound that goes into the harsh riff on the electric guitar, adding in the powerful thump on the drum, making sure they bring the volume up a lot, showing the listeners just how crazy they can be.

With the raucous vocals, tending to go to that more guttural scream and making sure to hit every high note. This really does bring a more modernised twist to the iconic genre of Post-Punk and this band sure knows how to make a killer piece of music.

Having their own unique sound, giving their take on the genre and adding in a dark and mysterious edge to it, it’s manic and there’s a lot going on, but that’s why every element that has been poured into it works so well.

Check out Thought Leaders single Radiator by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall

SB Quan – No More L’s: Lyrical Encores of Apathy

Whilst there is undeniable talent on display by SB Quan in his debut track, it’s painfully evident, that he’s just assimilated the generic styling of Rap & Hip Hop. There’s a dramatic lack in personality, the lyrics skip from abject angst to blazing hate. Which is always a sound that’s in demand, but when do Hip Hop fans get to demand more of their artists.

The repetitive elements in the track make it clear that the vocals are just filling the sound without really contributing to anything. Music should always be plagued by it’s essence, and not just the use of regurgitated lines because they wrap rhythmically around the back beat.

It’s not that this track is without it’s merit. The beat is steady enough to support the flow of nonlinear lyrics providing some intriguing elements in dynamic complexity throughout the duration of this mid-tempo track, that’s hyped up just enough to hit the psyche.

I look forward to hearing new releases from SB Quan, once he’s found his own voice, he’ll be unstoppable.

Check out the debut hit No More L’s on the Spotify link Below: