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Matt Brown – Mr. Nice Guy: The Contemporary Sonority of Nu-Jazz

This isn’t the first time I’ve stumbled across Matt Brown’s staggeringly soulful sounds; his debut track Mona Lisa has had me hooked on his sound since I first hit play. His contemporary Jazz infusions are one that are easily universal, he creates music that’s an invitation to accessibility of the Neo Soul Genre.

Yet, with Mr. Nice Guy, it’s clear that Matt Brown has homed in his skills even closer for his music to refract his soulful passion through each note. There is a palpably high-vibe sensibility to his track, which will without doubt put a smile on the most nihilistic of face. I love the fact that Matt Brown plays around with the nice guy concept that are always treated with cynical scepticism and makes you see those nice guys in a brand-new light. Through this track Matt Brown mixed his R&B soul sensibilities with classical Jazz piano and flugelhorn from the help of some sickeningly talented session instrumentalists.

Mr. Nice Guy was released on March 7th, 2018 you can check it out on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast