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witherbride drops calming soundtrack to help us restore focus on realisation

Ascending higher than previously comprehended before on a cloud-cruising song with so much fascination to sift through, witherbride raises our eyes to where we need to be headed on realisation.

witherbride is a 21-year-old rural NSW, Australia-based experimental solo music producer that makes those ear-soothing gems to swim safely inside.

My main passion in life is creating music that resonates with people on a deeper level and I do my best to create the kind of sounds that people have never heard before.” ~ witherbride

Adorning us with some aplomb and showing us the value of imagination, witherbride shines brightly on realisation and majestically flies where the shrewd eagles roam the skies above.

realisation from NSW, Australia-based experimental shoegaze/ambient artist witherbride is one of the most unique tracks you’re likely to hear this year. Percolating in mystique and shrouded in so much more than we can imagine at this precise second, we’re all in for such a treat as there is so much to ponder inside this sky-floating daydream.

When you suddenly figure out the map, you’re only headed to long-lost treasures.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian singer-songwriter Tullara’s reflective masterpiece ”Let This Go” dazzles through the darkness

Tullara has been creating a huge buzz on the Australian music scene ever since her first EP release ‘’Better Hold On’’ that dropped back in 2016. Born and raised on a parrot farm in Ramornie, Northern NSW, the indie-folk artist Tullara went on to win ‘Best EP’ at the 2017 Australian Roots Music Awards. A fine achievement indeed. This was the first step to an indie career that achieved an incredible 1,000,000 streams on Spotify in 2018 alone.

After her impressive ”16 Seconds” single from May 2020, ”Let This Go’‘ a fantastic follow up and showcases Tullara’s immense talent. Her voice is so uniquely beautiful and you can feel her authenticity.

You can feel this musicians crisp voice and the guitar riffs are so magnificent on ”Let This Go”. This song is all about speaking to a close person in your life but they don’t seem to love you anymore. This is a sad topic but is covered brilliantly by this fine indie artist. I hope to see her live and witness this fast-rising star up close and personal. Tullara is one to watch and to listen to closely.

Stream this fantastic song right here on Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jecht_0 drops his single Right Past You: A rather intriguing piece of music

Jecht_0 has dropped his single ‘Right Past You’, this enticing piece filled with soothing vocals and incredible instrumentation.

Having this gentle beat of the drum as humming begins to take over, to introduce the rather unique vocals that are rather compelling to listen too. Adding in the clasp of the strings on the guitar, as the tone of voice begins to lower and the instrumentals cut through the voice, swaying in and out of one another and gradually getting louder.

Every part of this song is different in its own way, it has this overpowering use of the high-pitched hum that mixes in with the pluck on the electric guitar strings, the vocals begin to fade into the distance as the instrumentation shines again until it all comes to a rather smooth end.

Be sure to check this one out by Jecht_0, he really lets his impressive talent excel through this.

Listen to Jecht_0 Right Past You by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall