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Nowhere To Put My Love

I Don’t Want To Waste It: Sensational Sydney singer Cami Bex hangs on by a thread on the stunning ‘Nowhere To Put My Love’

With a fantastically edgy single that is all about love and how it can consume you so much, Cami Bex takes us for an amazing ride to express those important feelings that shouldn’t be bottled up on ‘Nowhere To Put My Love‘.

Cami Bex is a sensationally appealing Sydney, Australia-based indie alt-pop musician. Created with Los Angeles producer, Jason Boule, they have combined beautifully to make a striking single that has you feeling so reflective on how your romantic nature can be so powerful, and control you sometimes.

Cami was originally nervous about the graphic image in the close of the chorus, but has noted that it is more about a symbolic catharsis than a deathwish- ‘I’ve been dreaming of bleeding out into the ocean, but there’s no ocean big enough. There’s nowhere to put my love.’’ – Cami Bex

Nowhere To Put My Love‘ from the brilliantly lovable and alluringly cheeky Australian indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Cami Bex, sends our healing hearts in an absolute spin, as you think about doing things you wouldn’t normally do. She sings with so much vigor and pulsating passion, that is such an excellent listen to our warming souls. This is a wonderful single that has you captivated beyond belief, as she really has you thinking about how you truly feel inside your beating heart.

We are never alone and love will always follow us, no matter what has happened before. Don’t ever waste your love.

Hear this incredible new release on Spotify and check out her exciting IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen