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The enigmatic outfit FAERYS has brought in the new era of electro-pop-rock with their debut single, Nova Scotia

The enigmatic electronic rock outfit, FAERYS, may be keeping their identity under wraps for now, but there’s no containing the hype that has amassed around their storming juggernaut of a debut single, Nova Scotia.

With a touch of Black Honey and She Drew the Gun to the electronic rock reinvention, Nova Scotia delivered a riff-rife rock hit that has left an international audience clamouring all over it – and for good reason.

Between the precision of the songwriting, the polished production, the hooky female pop vox contrasting the slick rap bars and the anthemic energy that oozes from the larger-than-life hit that embraces the future and sonically sucker punches it, there was no room for improvement, and how often can you say that about a debut?

Something (everything) tells us that FAERYS is comprised of a band of industry veterans who have banded together to bring in the new era of electro-pop-rock.

Nova Scotia launched on the 25th of August, hear it on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Coz looked ‘Between the Lines’ in his romantically rugged Americana pop-rock debut

Keeping the timeless romanticism of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and David Gray alive, the Nova Scotia-hailing singer-songwriter Alex Coz’s debut single, Between the Lines, will stir souls as cogently as a tornado ripping through a neighbourhood.

With whiskey-soaked poetry that will win over any Bukowski fans against the orchestrally-cut piano pop-rock ballad, Coz knew exactly where to implement nostalgia between the striking minor piano keys and orchestral crescendos to subjugate his audience into affectionate submission.

As far as debut releases go, you would be hard-pressed to find one as evocatively rich as this sonic feat of beat poetry. We’re officially stoked to hear what the singer-songwriter delivers next. If we still gave artists the opportunity to reach the same heights as Springsteen, Coz would have sealed his fate in the hall of fame with his debut 3-track single.

Between the Lines was officially released on February 7th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

In Aid Of Simon Turner and Associates show us that some people just don’t appreciate help on ‘Nova Scotia’

Taken off the important debut three-track mental health fundraiser EP called ‘My Crisis Of Confidence’, the brave Simon Turner and Associates tell us about the story of ‘Nova Scotia‘.

Simon Turner and Associates is a courageous UK-based Jonny & The Mental Breakdowns bassist, who has completed an incredible project that originated from demos back in 2003. This quality release has been used as a way of self-therapy to move beyond the past, and to look towards the future.

”A photographer and musician with a long history of depression, anxiety and an attempted suicide behind him, Simon has been behind many fundraising efforts for Mind including the very well received 2017 ‘Top Of The Punks’ compilation and numerous charity auctions, raising £8,000 to date. This time it is a project 17 years in the making featuring contributions from his many talented friends, or ‘Associates’.” – Simon Turner

This sterling effort features contributions from members of Paul Weller, Shura and Jazz Colossus, with all proceeds going to the mental health charity

He plays with such vigor and love, each note is made with tender care and you feel the world class quality here. The lyrics are catchy and the vocals are a pleasure on the earlobes, as you relate to the story of trying to forget about the one person that made you feel so small, when you totally didn’t deserve their disrespect.

Nova Scotia‘ from Simon Turner and Associates, is that striking story that digs deep into your thoughts, as it shows you that even if you want to help, some people will also take advantage of you which causes a terrible feeling in your stomach. The will to assist is there but you need to be careful to who you help, as some just take and never give back.

Stream this true-life inspirational story on Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Big dreams beyond: Monsters Who Sleep is breathtaking on ‘Death In A Texan Manor’

Taken off his recent twelve-track album ‘To Whomever It Becomes​‘, Monsters Who Sleep fervently brings us the vivid story of wanting much more in life and the urge to get away from heart-crushing mediocrity on ‘Death In A Texan Manor‘.

Monsters Who Sleep is the stunning solo project of Joshua Richard, the authentic indie folk singer-songwriter from the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is on the East Coast of Canada.

He delights our eager senses with his signature emotionally-charged music about the fleeting past, putting his future dreams to the fore, with a spellbinding style that lights up your eyes and fills your stomach up with lyrics that are so real.

This is a song that has been brought back from years ago when it was a metal song, re-imagined now and sung with a look to that moment when he was so unhappy and just wanted to live in a big house in Texas for the rest of his life.

Death In A Texan Manor‘ from Nova Scotia’s Monsters Who Sleep is a memorable journey into the mind and the belief that you can indeed get out of any situation you are in.

He sings with heartfelt passion that translates into a performance that breaks through the walls of self-doubt, so you can walk through onto the otherwise and follow your dreams to completion.

Listened to this vividly enlightening effort on Spotify and explore more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Missing that true love: ‘Waiting For You’ from Erick Beau is about that feeling inside you can’t shake off

Nova Scotia born Erick Beau sings from the deepest part of his heart on his new single called ‘Waiting For You’. His voice is quickly introduced to us as we hear the passionate Indie-Country lust for that sweet love. This is the story of a man who is madly in love with a special soul who is so far away from him right now. A true singer-songwriter who makes carefully thought out music for the love of the art form and has had many years to plan out his vision.

Taken off the long-awaited debut album ‘What it Takes’, this is the work of a man who has been biding his time to express his music to the world. A lawyer by trade but a true musician deep down, this is the culmination of many years work to get to his stage. 2020 has been a tough year for the world but one good thing has happened: Music like this with that acquired soul and class that you can’t teach.

He misses that sweet smile and those long conversations that fulfill the soul. This is that true love that you can feel inside your bones and it hurts when you can’t be around it. Those feelings are fluttering in the sky like a lost bird, you feel like your stomach is in tight knots and you desire that sweet touch again. All you can do is keep those happy thoughts inside and make a way to be together somehow. You can’t shake this off like a brief summer fling as this is the real deal.

Erick Beau sings with that authentic Americana style that is such a pleasant listen that makes your heart sad but thoughtful on ‘Waiting For You’, as you hope that he can find his love again.

Hear this fine release from Erick on his Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen