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LIVE REVIEW: The Vaulted Skies at The Angel, Nottingham 24/09/2021

The Vaulted Skies were one of the few bands that became the soundtrack to my insanity during lockdown. When they announced their show at The Angel in Nottingham supporting Lesbian Bed Death, I obviously had to be there in full unashamed fangirl fashion.

Starting with their sludgy hard-hitter, Hollowhead, they instantly asserted their ability to create an atmosphere where hearing the music becomes secondary to feeling it. After a delicate guitar intro that feeds intoxicating post-punk opium vibes, they slammed into an arresting amalgamation of shoegaze, rock and grunge with Molko-Esque vocals that cut above the noise.

Originally it was their gothy dancey hit, Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange)? which ended the set that won me over; the mix of inimitably intricate guitars over a filthy four-on-the-floor beat naturally had me hooked. But with the emergence of their demo release of their slower indie single, Almost Happy, my adoration became far more multifaceted.

Whether they’re creating floor-fillers or stripped-back melodic tracks, there’s a magnetism that proves emotion always comes before ego, which makes it so easy to lose yourself in their sonic alchemy through the sense of unfiltered connectedness.

The Vaulted Skies is easily one of the most criminally underrated alternative acts in the UK right now. Anyone with a proclivity towards pensiveness and pioneering alt-rock should be paying attention.

Listen on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud

Photo Credit: Rich Lindley Photography

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Moving On: Nottingham’s Nicole Leaskk ignores the fake friends for good on ’30 Missed Calls’

After tragically losing her boyfriends mother after a 3-year brave battle with the dreaded cancer, Nicole Leaskk tells us the story of those fake friends who said they would be there like you were for them, but now have vanished away like it was a game of hide and seek on ‘30 Missed Calls‘.

Nicole Leaskk is an indie RnB/soul artist, Marketing Specialist, and Yorkshire tea connoisseur from Nottingham in England. She is a wonderfully talented musician who fuses that reflective soundscape about love, loss and heartbreak, through a crisp and passionately inspiring voice and caring lyrics.

It focuses on having a lot of temporary friendships, the kind that was only present when it was beneficial for the other person to be acquainted to you.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

After dazzling our senses on the lovely hometown track ‘Since You Were Mine‘ from February 2021, she feels extra inspired on this sad story about seeing who your true mates in life really are. Her vocals are superbly dynamic as she moves on from the former friends, who didn’t show the love back she was expecting.

It explores the realness of only being able to rely fully on yourself, learning to grow as an individual and knowing that you deserve more than being someone’s option. The lyrics explain everything Leaskk would rather do than taking these persons call and how she’s bored of listening to excuses every month.” ~ Nicole Leaskk

30 Missed Calls‘ from the soulful Nottingham, UK-based indie RnB/soul artist Nicole Leaskk, is that harrowing tale most of us have felt before. You thought you were around loyalty but it turns us they just wanted you for those good times. Sung with a fierce energy – this is a personal effort from a scorned woman – who will not take this betrayal anymore. When you know your self-value and what should be expected, you tend to move past the fake vibes forever.

Never looking back, is the only way to show yourself that you deserve much more when the chips are down.

Hear this deep new track on her Spotify and see her journey through life on her IG fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That special relationship between you and your hometown: Nottingham’s Nicole Leask is mesmerizing on new single ‘Since You Were Mine’

Nicole Leask dazzles brightly with a stunning performance on the beautiful new single about her hometown on ‘Since You Were Mine‘.

Nottingham, UK-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and Yorkshire tea lover Nicole Leask, is that special type of talent who performs with that rare authentic from the heart style and shows her genuine nature throughout. She is a real breath of pure air in a wild world- where flashy fakes with no substance are sadly admired by too many.

She sings with effortless skill that mesmerizes your mind and carefully creates music soundscapes like an angel, who sweetly helps others be inspired again, in this cold world that needs shining lights to find their way out of the scary darkness.

This is the fascinating story about feeling that leaving your hometown for a while is just like a hard breakup with a lover. A fresh song full of incredibly real vocals, that is sung with such classy elegance from a wildly talented soul, who has a voice that melts you down to butter.

We are lifted into the clouds by a  thoughtful soul who writes with such meaning and she takes us on a journey of life’s ups and downs, through her sultry vocals that summon you to a place you didn’t know existed. You feel excited and your heart feels alive when you listen to this electric talent, who is surely destined for big things if she can stay grounded and take that chance when she gets it.

Since You Were Mine‘ from Nottingham R&B/Soul singer Nicole Leask makes your anxious heart skip a beat as you recall vividly all those good and bad memories of your home, that you love but fear with your whole heart.

There is a price to pay when you leave your home comforts but the experience of jumping into new adventures, meeting new people that inspire you and doing what you believe is right- is what you should do, in order to reach your full potential.

Get to know this quality artist on her Spotify page and follow her adventures up the ladder on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The real life of a stressed parent: Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens tell it how it is on ‘Caroline’s Dream’

Caroline's Dream by Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens

Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens bring us an absolute gem of a single that parents will totally relate to on ‘Caroline’s Dream‘, which is off the forthcoming album called ‘Where Sweet Confetti Falls’.

A sweetly-sonic collaboration combining the undeniable talents of vocalist Kathy Giddins, songwriter Richard Clark, guitarist Jordan Humber and drummer Chris Allan; Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens is a terrifically honest band from Nottingham in England. They are backed up spectacularly by The SwinglesEdward Randell, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson & Imogen Parry to form a team that will make you take notice rather quickly.

Her voice tells you what life is like as you stroll around in a constant daze in this crazy world. The tender nature of her fine vocals make your ears wake up and turning up the volume is an automatic reaction. Being in a dream is the only way to survive the day and you feel like you can’t take much more of this madness.

The band are so tremendous and the whole package is so pleasurable here as you sway your head and sing with them. This is a song that shows you into the door of real life- where you can only think about getting away from it all and dream forever.

Caroline’s Dream‘ showcases everything good about the UK underground music scene as this is a song that is honest, lively and the soundscape is so electric from Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens. The true story about how life as a parent can be so tough in the world, as you try and keep your head above water is such a emotional ride- especially if you don’t have the support of your partner.

Life can get a bit much sometimes but luckily through music, you can hopefully start to heal all cuts and bruises with the support of true friends- who have your back and will help you get out of an abusive relationship. Being happy and treated like you should, is the only way to inner peace.

Hear this exclusively Bandcamp track and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nottingham’s Mollie Ralph is ready for her real man with soul-licious single ”Fella”

Life should be simple when it comes to love. You meet, connect, get to know each other and decide if you are a good match. Due to Social Media and Dating Apps weirdly warping our beloved brains love has become way more unnecessarily complicated. Then, the magnificent vocals of Mollie Ralph bolts into your confused ears with her soul tingled voice and changes this sad sentiment in an instant. She wants her real man now and is ready. Molly is tired of boys and their silly games.

This is a beautifully created song and is so honest. A story about being asked to be in 2nd place and not taking the bait with smooth words. We should all the number one right?

Nottingham singer Mollie Ralph catches your attention with her pure voice and she strikes through like a lightning storm through your healing heart. This is real talent right here. ”Fella’‘ is an absolute anthem and I love her vivid honesty here. She wants to be number one and I’m with her on this notion. Why would you want to settle and be number two even if life would be easier? Surely you would end up resentful and bitter about the whole arrangement. I could imagine Mollie impressing live with her phenomenal vocal range that is massively impressive. This young UK artist is surely on the way to the top.

Click here on Spotify for more music from this super talented singer.

Follow her on Facebook for future gig announcements and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lovable Marty returns with a positive message and happy hearts on ‘’Dance With You’

It won’t be long now. I don’t know about you but I really miss dancing with other humans. The feeling and smiles, that warm embrace or even the drunken shouting in the ear if it’s with a mate during a night out. Ah, good times. 

Marty’ is an all-female band based in Nottingham in the UK, dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and styles and trying out a multitude of genres. After doing solo work before, the three girls joined together to form the band, bringing their individual musical influences and performance styles to the group. Whilst only being a band for just over a year, the group have made a good impact and when the music scene opens up again, expect them to be on many exciting lineups.

I love ‘Marty’s’ sound. They mesh well together and make beautiful music. This is a band that deserves the big stage and I can’t wait to see them live. 

Dance with ‘Marty’ and immerse yourself in their beautiful music on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bone Cult’s ‘’Realize’’ is the freaky faced paced single for 2020’s wild year

This is a duo based in Nottingham, UK who come out with bone crushingly intense Death Electronica. This is definitely not music you would want your kids to listen to, unless they don’t plan on sleeping for a while.

Driving beats and synths power is the name of the game here, powering through again and again to no rest bite. ‘Bone Cult’ are here to rock and not stop.

Starting out as a stripped back guitar and drums outfit, the duo has evolved by embracing technology to create new unheard on earth sounds. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Death From Above 1979 and Enter Shikari, the duo’s productions span a vivid and vast spectrum of rugged energy, riffs and production.

Relentless touring has seen the band perform to festivals across Europe, North America and Asia. The band’s popularity has soared internationally following their inclusion as characters in the online video game ‘Avakin Life’. A massive achievement and a great way in for the band. Gaming and music are two cultures that really mix well. 

This is music to a select few but I can appreciate it’s quality. I wouldn’t listen to this before bed however.

Stream more here if you dare.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Fall of Ego don’t hide away with darkly-rocking release ‘World In Disguise’

Newly formed Nottinghamshire-based alt-indie rock band The Fall of Ego have released their new track ‘World In Disguise’.

Drenched in gratuitous levels of overdrive and wrenching with anti-capitalist overtures, ‘World In Disguise’ plays against some widely-regarded sentiment about today’s society. Its frequency maxing and furiously penned lyrics mirror the incredible amount of angst many today can relate to. It’s easy to admire where the feeling is coming from too – our reality is not normality and pretending it isn’t amounts to, well, insanity. 

It’s a track that stands strong through its devotion to its unabashedly protestory lyrics. Plus, it’s not phased about being too reliant on avoiding the numerous traps many of its contemporaries might, and so ‘World In Disguise’ manages to fit The Fall of Ego, quite suitably, into an enjoyably mouthy set piece of counterculture. Check it out. 

You can check out ‘World In Disguise’ on The Fall of Ego’s Soundcloud page here.

A&R Factory Present: Georgie

‘Company Of Thieves’ is the stunning debut single from Georgie. Hailing from Mansfield, this twenty-one year old singer-songwriter is a distinctly new and unique talent is set to take the UK music scene by storm.

‘Company of Thieves’ was produced by studio wizard Matthew E White at his Spacebomb studios in Virginia. He originally heard Georgie on a trip to the UK and instantly wanted to work with her. A few phone calls later and Georgie was on her way to Virginia and came back with four stunning tracks, with ‘Company Of Thieves’ the first to emerge.

Georgie will be touring with Jake Bugg and Blossoms on two of the biggest tours of the autumn all dates below.

A&R Factory Present: Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp is a singer songwriter from Nottingham, UK.  His video for  ‘Imaginary Friend: What a Wonderful World’, was shot on location around South East Asia.

Josh Kemp uses just an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal to create a sound to rival a band. Having played 500+ gigs in in the last 3 years on repetitive tours of the UK, Josh’s well practiced audience participation means his set is well suited to both main stage festivals and more intimate acoustic gigs.

Josh Kemp says

“The idea for this song and then video came from the realisation that we are frequently bogged down by negativity, in the news or even in our day to day lives as bad things are a lot more sensational or memorable and the spreading of good things are often deemed cliche, boastful, too personal or alienating.

I noticed that the good parts of life are often over looked or taken for granted
So I wanted initially to write a song that would explain to someone who would never have chance to see it, the best things in the world, in my opinion of course 🙂

We tend not to notice the big things we take for granted until they are gone, and that’s something I aim to change, even if it’s just for 6mins20!”