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Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2’

Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘ and this is a slow jam to make you feel better.

Do you want to talk about it or not is the question. You love them so much but sometimes things happen and mistakes can happen. Moving on and taking that next step to grow is the key here. That is the only way to heal up and switch into the next step of love. When you are together, there is only laughter and good times. Things feel right.

“This song is about my love for my fiance and acknowledging the challenges we both face, but wanting her to be completely open with me. To be that one she can completely confide in. I would say the main message I want listeners to know is to understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I believe we don’t have the right to judge on whats right or wrong because we all grow in our own way and that’s the journey of life.”

Taken off the latest 6-track EP ‘Reminisce in Discovery‘, ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘, is all about that real love and taking charge of this relationship. Jacquevall is in fine form here and he sings with such heart and skill. This is a self-aware single from a man on a mission.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen