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Good Head: Astrotrain feels the previous romance collapsing on Dead Weight

Taken straight off the newly minted 3-track EP called Lilium, Astrotrain feels the wrath of someone who wants access without actually doing anything on Dead Weight.

Created by Jørgen Tonvang, Astrotrain is a Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer who makes the kind of dynamic releases which will warm up even the coldest souls.

My goal for this track was to take the listener on a journey where the soundscapes and melodies combine with the vocals to create an experience that you want to return to many times.” ~ Astrotrain

Simply superb. Astrotrain rails up our minds and turns up the speed on this quality song made for cinematic use. This is an outstanding song which will inspire many to rid themselves of something which isn’t real anymore.

Dead Weight from Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer Astrotrain is a breaking-away-from-someone-who-didn’t-care-enough message and anthem. Layered with so many intricacies and pushing the highest standard possible, we find something rather special.

Pulling off the plastic which isn’t helping growth, this is a rather tremendous single worthy of any playlist.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Mistake: Norwegian band TwoMinutesHate drop explosive sizzler fuXmas

Dropping an astonishing track to get all moods boosted to maximum capacity, TwoMinutesHate sends our minds into a whole new world of fantasy on the excellent new single fuXmas.

TwoMinutesHate is a Norwegian pop punk band who roars through with music to shake the soul alive with on each of their energetic singles.

TwoMinutesHate’s debut EP Restless, Nervous And Way Too Loud has already earned them a significant amount of airplay on one of Norway’s largest radio channels NRK P13, and even landed them a spot on the soundtrack of the Norwegian comedy Jentetur.” ~ TwoMinutesHate

Bringing that punk heavy Christmas cheer to us all and thundering in with a glorious energy, TwoMinutesHate sound in top form on fuXmas and has that insatiable lip-licking vitality to awaken us all from any sleepy slumber.

fuXmas from Norwegian pop punk band TwoMinutesHate is a hugely motivating track which shall spark so many memories to explode with excitement. Charging through with much velocity and showing us their elevating progression, to thrill our hearts into a happier place.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You’re The Best: Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2 drops excellent single Led Astray

Dropping her favorite single off her debut EP, The Loud Noise of Your Spine, KID 2 opens up the door to that find a depressed soul who has forgotten who they really are on Led Astray.

KID 2 is a Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter who makes those moody atmospheric tunes you can’t possibly turn down.

Music is an incredibly visual experience for me. If I hear something brand new and unique to my ears, I will forever see the places where I first heard the song as well as the scenery my mind created from listening that day. It is the same when I write my own songs, and whether I am rehearsing in my living room or playing on a stage, I will see those places in my mind’s eye.” ~ KID 2

With an important message for us all to learn from, KID 2 is rather outstanding on Led Astray and shows impressive poise and delivery throughout this extraordinary single.

Led astray is about self-destructiveness. It is about not coming to terms with past mistakes and adding to them.” ~ KID 2

Led Astray from Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2, is a stunningly emotional single which might take your breath away. The delightful vocals on offer are so exquisite that it’s easy to get lost inside, on this quality release with so many incredibly deep lyrics to intertwine inside.

Get inside this experience here and see more vibes on her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: The remarkable Uma Nite reminds us that we don’t have much time to shine on ‘Memento Mori’

With her piercingly striking clear blue eyes looking rather deeply into your flickering souls characteristics, Uma Nite darkly scripts us the scary story of how fragile we really are at the end with ‘Memento Mori‘.

Uma Nite is a sensationally resolute and mysteriously alluring Norwegian indie dark-pop singer-songwriter who is now based in thriving London, England. She cleverly makes that moody sprayed music theme soundscape, that isn’t afraid of touching on controversial subjects that others hide quickly away from.

My lyrics are dark and theatrical in nature, bridging the gap between fiction and truth.” – Uma Nite

You feel her reflective gaze so suddenly in your throbbing bones — as she keeps things into perspective on this special song which will make your body shiver — as you realize that you can’t take anything with you when you are gone. The story hits home hard, as you wonder thoughtfully if you are on the right track to fully succeed, or if you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror right now.

Her voice is simply exceptional, each note is sung with such evident quality that holds you close and doesn’t let go of the tight grip. The lyrics are honest, somber and tell it how it really is. This is a self-aware artist who is only starting to find the peak of her powers within, with so much more to come as she detects her path to true self-enlightenment.

Memento Mori‘ from the purposefully electric dark-pop London-based musician Uma Nite, has our hearts ablaze with emotions, as we are told that we are indeed just flesh and bones, when it comes to the end of our time on this crazy planet. Life is short — so to be too full of yourself or to take all things rather seriously — is actually completely pointless, when your eyes close, for the last time ever. Your gold and dreams disappear into the night after all.

See the excellent music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more news from this brilliant artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen