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I Need You: Chicago rapper Shauno wants that inner peace love on ‘Demons’

After the underground buzz that surrounded the eight-track ‘Devil’s Advocate‘ from earlier on in 2021, Shauno walks through the eerie shadows of self-doubt to firmly face those enticing long-haired ‘Demons‘.

Shauno is a fast rising twenty year-old northwest Chicago, Illinois-based indie hip hop artist with a tightly barreled flow that has you turning up the volume all the way.

This is the gripping story about wondering if they are going to actually stay so you can show the love that you have waiting to blossom, or if you should just keep quiet for now. Rapped with a reflective glance into the window of the future, this is a freshly brewed single that has you warmly wrapped into this message of keeping your feelings inside to avoid hurt.

In just under two minutes, Shauno shows us why the hype is real about this flourishing hip-hop artist who seems to have bags of charm to spare and displays his refreshing flow to get the temperature up the max. With descriptive lyrics that lets you know what he wants, you feel like there is so much potential to truly advance if he wants it enough.

Demons‘ from the youthful Chicago rapper Shauno, is a quick-fire track all about trying to find your heart again in this world that tries to force you to be cold inside those blood-thirsty veins. He wants to tell her exactly how he feels – but in the back of his mind he is wondering if she is for real – or might be ready to dash away forever at any moment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen