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Daring for Glory sends a real shoutout to those who showed true friendship on the hard-rock gem, ‘Amnesia’

As they show us how easy it is to get lost for a while in this dark world filled with scary places of doom, Daring for Glory asks to be saved on their new single that might resonate with many on the hard-hitting ‘Amnesia‘.

College and High School friends, Daring for Glory, is a Northern Virginia-based 4-piece indie rock band that creates those stadium-filling anthems to make your jaw shudder with excitement at what you are witnessing.

The music we create reminds people of Weezer or Foo Fighters with the diversity of My Chemical Romance.” ~ Daring for Glory

With the weight of the world on their strong shoulders, Daring for Glory show us what rock music should sound like in 2022 with a terrific track to turn up loud and proud.

Amnesia‘ from Northern Virginia rockers Daring for Glory is a juggernaut of a single from one of the most exhilarating bands around at the moment. Vocally they are supercharged and bellow out magnificently from the speakers with some nifty guitarist skills to truly admire. Dropping a 3-pointer to win our hearts, this is a single that you will find extremely difficult to forget.

In a world that needs healing and understanding to heal our shattered hearts, Daring for Glory has certainly got our attention and looks set for massive things if they keep up this ascending trajectory.

Listen to this hot new single on YouTube and see more news on their growing IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exceptional Nashville-based pop artist Kohanna searches for the meaning of real love on ‘Past Lives’

While she gazes at the ceiling with the tissues right by her side wondering why her lover is acting so shady, Kohanna knows that she needs to look into an elevated place to work out what her heart is feeling right now on ‘Past Lives‘.

Kohanna is an 18-year-old Northern Virginia-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and pianist who has recently made the move to thriving Nashville to chase her dreams and find those healing waterfalls.

At the young age of just 5 she had been classically trained on the piano and in later years picked up the guitar and ukulele.” ~ Kohanna

As her illuminatingly genuine vocal capabilities rise up so wonderfully while you close your tired eyes and listen intently to the message this determined young woman is projecting, Kohanna is quite outstanding on a story that will be relevant to those who have been with someone who isn’t giving you 100%. In a time when there are so many people who like to play the field, this is a reminder to make sure that you are only letting your inner soul be exposed to those who truly want the best for you.

Past Lives‘ from Northern Virginia-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and Belmont University student Kohanna, is an honest and accurate portrayal of romantic life in 2022. With many temptations and distractions at every corner, it really takes two special souls to connect as one to light up the sky like a legit charger. The path to this place is hard and there will be many detours and sand dunes to cross through, but staying true to yourself and your values is the only way to stay faithful to your priceless heart, that needs to remain in your own hands.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see her socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pinch me, I feel nothing: Zazen drops remix for Benny Benassi’s ‘DayDream’ (Zazen Remix)

As you see the pinch but feel no sensation in the slightest, Zazen brings us a remix of the sizzling hit Benny Benassi track from April this year called ‘DayDream(Zazen Remix).

Zazen is a Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM artist. He is a skilled musician who is always looking for that extra bit of style, as he adds in a blend of exciting electronic music to wet all appetites.

He fell in love with the modern influence of electronic dance music and made the decision that he wanted to pursue music as a serious passion, specializing in original dance music, specifically, melodic dubstep and deep house.” ~ Zazen

There is such a catchy beat here mixed in with some sensual female vocals to get us in the mood to party – over a track all about moving in quick and getting all those feelings quickly swapped out – with a new lover who is actually right for you.

DayDream‘ (Zazen Remix) from Washington DC Metro/Northern Virginia-based indie EDM music producer Zazen, is a my-heart-will-be-somewhere-else moment, as the former relationship seems so far away now as you have moved on. Made with a confident style and after adding in his own spin to proceedings, this is a worthwhile remix to a hit track that so many had stuck in their heads for months earlier on in 2021.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen