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Northern Ontario’s GRAYSPACE urges us to be only ourselves in the ‘Happiness Machine’

In a strange world that can suck your precious soul away like a vacuum cleaner sweeping for treasure to control forever, GRAYSPACE recommends that we should remain grounded as being original is the best way to live anyway with the new single to inspire a mindset shift, ‘Happiness Machine’.

GRAYSPACE is a Northern Ontario, Canada-based indie-rock act that makes the style of music that is always helping the world learn and to stay focused despite the obvious distractions.

A liminal zone where instrumentally and lyrically ideas can be explored with contradiction in mind.” ~ GRAYSPACE

Showing us a moment of maturity which has been sorely lacking in modern-day society that has forgotten that social media and fashion are just tools we shouldn’t get too wrapped up inside, GRAYSPACE has dropped a thoughtful track that will wake you up and set you free from any sneaky cobwebs that have been holding you back from greatness.

Inspired by repeated viewings of the much-respected documentary series “Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis and a reading of the book “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays, you feel the deepness of an underground artist who isn’t interested in the fake world of social media, as he takes us into a deeper world that shall have you fascinated with his every lyric.

Happiness Machine‘ from mysterious Northern Ontario, Canada-based indie-rock act GRAYSPACE shakes us apart and leads us into that healthy path, that is far away from the fake climates that can change your whole soul forever if you aren’t too careful. With striking vocals and an intriguing beat that is certainly different to anything you shall hear today, this is a memorable effort that will have you thinking rather deeply.

Life should be about connecting with realness, not swamping your heart with things that don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

Listen up to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen