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A reason to believe: Noelle Toland is quite wonderful on debut reflective single ‘Prove Your Value’

Noelle Toland sings with that real rare authentic soul groove on her lovely debut single called ‘Prove Your Value‘.

North Plains, Oregon-born r&b/soul artist Noelle Toland makes that breathtaking adrenaline-rushing sound, that feels like an atmospheric hug from the starlit sky. Her gorgeous voice is so well trained and you can feel the electricity everywhere in her veins, as she stretches her lungs like a flexible elastic band.

With an elegant style that is always crisp and classy, her tremendous tone hits the heights of a musician who knows where she needs to go. She sings with a glorious grace that simmers into your curious mind, as you close your eyes and see her on stage giving everything she has.

This is the story of falling in love with someone that was too good to be true and you gave them a chance. Your first instinct that it wouldn’t work out was proved correct and you were sadly let down. You believed it for a while but the love faded after you realized who they really were. This is a sunken feeling when it happens and often you blame yourself but shouldn’t, you gave it a chance and did what your heart thought was right.

Prove Your Value‘ from the sensational talent Noelle Toland, is a stunningly pure song, that will hug you warmly and have you thinking of those times when you tried to love but it just didn’t work out. With a sensually pure voice, this is a single that simmers into your body and you will have the chills, thinking of lost love.

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be and replenishing your heart quickly so you can love again, is the only way to heal from this learning experience. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to anyone, who isn’t fully invested in you anyway.

Hear a graceful singer in full flow via her Spotify and find her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen