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PNC-FAM keep it real throughout on their latest heavy Hip hop track, ‘THRU MY EYES’

Following up from their previous single ‘D3MON$‘ from 2020, PNC-FAM show what they have felt and seen in this crazy world that can be rather harsh if you walk the wrong road on ‘THRU MY EYES‘.

PNC-FAM is a Norristown, Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop outfit who makes that really raw street-filled rap about life as they see it.

Smashing a hole through the door and showing us they mean business after many detours, PNC-FAM guide us through the dog-eat-dog mindset that has kept them alive when others thought they would be gone years ago. With a sturdy style that keeps you locked in if you like hardcore music, this is a reminder that you need to find a true warrior to stand alongside when the going gets rough.

THRU MY EYES‘ from Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop crew PNC-FAM is a heavy song from a team that has seen what life offers if you are locked behind bars. After seeing who was actually loyal or just pretending to be as they stuck around during the good times, this is a true story which will urge us all to reflect about who we keep company with.

Rapped with vigorous intensity and a pulsating shudder into our souls to learn from – this is a track that shall have you imagining deeply what it’s like to survive the wild streets and come out alive while others are six feet under.

Listen up to this new audio on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen