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HEIGHTZ is in a truly romantic mood with his latest single ‘Deep Blue’ (feat. Jason Halls and Luke Palmer)

Diving confidently into the beautiful ocean to find his mermaid-like lover who is awaiting his kiss, HEIGHTZ is in a tranquil mood and ready for that next step with the mellow single to cuddle with, ‘Deep Blue(feat. Jason Halls and Luke Palmer).

HEIGHTZ is a Norfolk, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who has overcome his life-long dyslexia and inspires others to follow their dreams despite any disability.

I have recently been on BBC Norfolk radio too and hoping to one day be able to do more radio stations to spread my story and also my music.” ~ HEIGHTZ

With a chilled demeanour and a fresh vocal outlook that shows us his current perspective, HEIGHTZ meditates mightily on the feeling that he has found the one. He will swim as far as it takes to stay with his lover – who has connected so closely – with that genuine warmth that eases away from the chilly climates that can freeze your smile.

Deep Blue(feat. Jason Halls and Luke Palmer) from Norfolk, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter HEIGHTZ, is a single that will take your mindset away from any harrowing stress that you might be feeling. This is a loving track that is romantic in character and takes you into a tender nature, to be with that special soul where you can be yourself.

After all, snuggling and watching Netflix without any worry in the world, is exactly what is needed to feel that much-need contentment that we all deserve.

Hear this calming new single on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lil goosey feels the pain of dealing with disloyalty on ‘Heartbreaker’

Released from his well-received 8-track album called ‘The Eternal Dark Void‘, Lil goosey sends us a reminder that it’s certainly best to stick with those who are loyal when you are up or down on ‘Heartbreaker‘.

Immanuel Artemio Ewing aka Lil goosey is a Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist who is on a mission via his latest project to assist those who have either relationship or anxiety-related issues.

My next project aims to help people with depression and anguish and show them that he is not alone and that he can win in everything he sets out to do.” ~ Lil goosey

With honest and relevant lyrics that will have you nodding in agreement if you have ever felt that a slithering snake is ready to bite you, Lil goosey drops a flow-heavy track that has you counting those real friends on one hand. He is a self-enlightened artist who has seen the evil nature of the hood that wants that easy success when actually hard work and believing in yourself is the only way to financial freedom.

Heartbreaker‘ from Norfolk, Virginia-born indie Hip hop artist Lil goosey, is an honest single about seeing that some people are just keen to be around when your wallet is padded and times are at their best. After seeing those fake vibes that have frustrated him to the max, he now knows that he is only interested in helping his true family and going for success no matter who is wishing for his downfall.

Trusting himself is the only option when evil shadows are lurking around like blood-thirsty sharks in the moody ocean.

Turn up this track all about knowing who is real or not with Spotify and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rope Store take us to the pinnacle of 60s pop-rock with Get Me Out

Rope Store

Norfolk, UK indie duo Rope Store is set to make their comeback and hit us with swathes of 60s pop-rock nostalgia once more after a 2-year absence from the studio. Before their radio silence, their music featured on an Ivy Park Kids X Adidas advert, and they found themselves a fixture on Amazing Radio’s A-list alongside Goat and Frank Carter.

For any fans of the Velvet Revolver, the Beatles, Syd Barrett or the Stones will find plenty to love about the clean vintage tones, grooves that were made to disco dance to and harmonised male and female vocals in their seminal release, Get Me Out, that adds a touch of antagonism to the otherwise kaleidoscopically colourful track that is all too efficacious at pulling you from the confines of the 21st century and placing you into the soul of the 60s.

Stream Get Me Out on Spotify, support the band on Bandcamp or connect with them via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast