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Unique Chicago outfit No Serial Killer release peaceful ”The Sweetest Cyborg”

No Serial Killer by No Serial Killer

I have never heard anything quite like this. Sometimes a song starts playing into your ears and you are absolutely mind-blown. I came in with zero expectations and No Serial Killer delivered my soul & ears a wonderful high five packed with a punch of peace.

No Serial Killer is the phenomenally creative brainchild of A.K.M. A self-taught pianist and songwriter, A.K.M. wrote the lyrics for all 30 songs on the full album and was the music director for this project. A.K.M. plays the piano like a bass guitar, hence the term ‘bass piano’. With such uniqueness, it’s no wonder that this is could be one of the most important releases of 2020. With all that is going on in the USA, this peaceful message came at precisely the right time.

‘The Sweetest Cyborg” feels like a song that is from Better Call Saul, it is old school by nature with the sweetly caressed vocals from Shaley Scott. The song takes us on a magic carpet ride with a message of love and the consistency of the track is so impressive. Chicago’s No Serial Killer¬†deserve lots of appreciation for this quality song and their whole project as a whole.

Get yourself into the peaceful project from this amazing act that will blow your mind via Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen