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Nikki Taylor Vibe gets deep and soulful on ‘Understated’

Nikki Taylor Vibe is a Long Island, New York, native with a background of stylistic crossover between hip hop, RnB, and Indie-pop. Her first single, ‘Wasted’, from her debut EP ‘Siren’ dropped in January last year, and since then she’s been named Power 98.5 Radio’s Breakout Artist of 2020, collaborating with Royce Da 59 and Young Ra on the single ‘Nother Level’.

Now, ‘Understated’ is Vibe’s new single, and understated it certainly is, classy, sultry, smooth, and sexy, pulled back, mellow and chilled all with Vibe’s laid-back vocal delivery overlaying old school 808 beats and deep soulful groove. It’s a killer track, showcasing without being showy, flash without being brash. It really IS understated.

Check out ‘Understated’ on Spotify; check out Nikki Taylor Vibe on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes