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Niels Bacher tells a very 2021 love story through his latest single, Too Sick to Love

Too Sick to Love is the latest single to be released by the alt-pop artist Niels Bacher whose lyrical candour knows very few bounds; in the best possible way. The single starts with muttered lyrics atop of lo-fi trappy beats and faint piano melody; as the momentum picks up, the dissonance starts to slip away until you’re in the midst of a raw whirlwind of emotion that carries reminiscence to The King Blues and Linkin Park.

With lyrics such as “I’ve never been this close to the edge before” “I’m scared I can’t do anything right anymore”, Bacher acted as a confidant to everyone who knows the scars that come through a mental health battle. Especially for anyone who knows how it feels to be romantically ostracised by your own mind.

Too Sick to Love is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast