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Ngaio Releases “See Them” – A Neo-Soul And Hip-Hop Blend Of Sonorities

Based in Bristol Ngaio is an artist with a very specific set of musicianship skills. She is not only capable of writing her own songs but she can also perform and mix them herself in a very immersive and compelling manner for the listener. Her latest track “See Them” features a luscious blend of neo-soul melodies and vocal fluctuations with a steady hip-hop beat which together create a smooth texture that is reminiscent of several great artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu who were indeed an inspiration in the making of this track.

“See Them” is just one of those tracks that anyone ill enjoy listening too. it is gentle and smooth with enough vocal ad-libs and rhythmic variations to keep the listener interested throughout. Apart from this, what is most striking about the song is the vocal delivery itself. Blending in a soulful mixture of tone colours with influences in jazz, soul and r&B, Ngaio manages to create a very unique sound that is one of a kind. Apart from this, the song also presents a catchy chorus that is fun and singable with a hint of pop melodic phrases in the mix as well. Overall Ngaio is showing everyone that she is not only capable of conceptualising her own sound but also of creating it from scratch! Give “See Them” a listen!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja