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LUXTHEREAL bring in the new wave of classic rock with their ethereal hit, I Got You

After an entrancing synth-driven prelude, the Phoenix-based alt-rock outfit LUXTHEREAL’s standout single, I Got You, grips you with the alchemy that pours from the cinematic cocktail of classic rock, new wave, and post-punk.

The dreamy and ethereal instrumental interludes wrap around the robust vocal timbre of Rachel Guilbault and the increments of classic rock that pull you back to the 80s while simultaneously immersing you in a brand-new sonic world, defined by its emotive gravitas and atmospheric magnetism. Any fans of Christian Death will undoubtedly want to make LUXTHEREAL a firm fixture of their playlists.

I Got You is available to on YouTube and on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New Rock City – Da Ratman!: Bop-Worthy Dark Punk Rock from NYC with Scuzz

Da Ratman! - Single by New Rock City

With a scuzzy punk rock viciousness that could only have ever come from NYC, New Rock City’s latest single, Da Ratman!, is a blackened bop-worthy hit that could single-handedly and simultaneously restart the New Romantic and Horror Punk scenes.

With no two singles from the duo ever the same, they keep their fanbase guessing what revivalist tones they will deliver next. Based on Da Ratman! It’s safe to say that they know just how to pull different stylistic elements together to energetically complement each other. It’s as hooky as any Misfits track, jangly as Johnny Marr’s licks and comes with devilishly macabre undertones in the same vein as The Creepshow. Da Ratman! is a firecracker of a track that no one will regret hitting play on.

Da Datman! Is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I’ve Been Waiting All My Life: Fremantle band Easy Jean impress on riveting ‘Creating Gods’

Taken off their recent five-track release ‘Hard Feelings and Real Tears‘, Easy Jean kindly bless us with the final song off the new project with a nostalgic track called ‘Creating Gods‘.

Easy Jean is a promising new-wave/post-punk Fremantle, Western Australia-based indie band who are a new act in the local scene. Featuring an all-time assortment of world class musicians who make this something special, you feel like you are delving into the start of something rather excellent.

Easy Jean was born a little over a year ago by core songwriters Cheree Dobra from Melbourne Dream Pop Band Bayou, Andy Hill from Electronic Act Ambidexter and Drew Wootton of The Panics. Add World Music legend Grace Barbe on Bass to the
mix and Max Porotto on drums for a killer live show.” ~ Easy Jean

The sultry beat here is rather hauntingly beautiful, which compellingly captures your vivid imagination and has sensually classy vocals interwoven rather majestically at each turn. You feel her contemplative voice shine over the night-lit city outside – on a deeply thoughtful single which is full of absorbing corners – which takes you perfectly inside her wonderfully creative mind.

A band born out of isolation” ~ Easy Jean

Creating Gods‘ from the effortless Australian new wave act Easy Jean, is a stunning song full of gloriously crisp vocals of the very highest order. With a simmering music video that is certainly reflective as you delve deeper into the song and feel like you need a step back – to truly think about your path – we are eased smoothly into a sterling effort from a quality band. This is the type of song to play when you need to have some quiet time alone, to look deeper in the dusty mirror in front of your tired eyes, and work out where you are indeed headed.

A truly fine effort, which will have you pondering your next move in this maze-filled world.

See the new music visuals on YouTube and find out more on the IG music fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Soul Is Not for Sale: High-tempo Sheffield band Lina and the Lions passionately urge us to look up for guidance on ‘The Sky Beneath Our Feet’

Roaring in hungrily with the stunning 6th single release from their upcoming studio album ‘Second Nature‘, Lina and the Lions bite ravenously through the bones of our surprised speakers on the cinematic new single ‘The Sky Beneath Our Feet‘.

Lina and the Lions is a new studio-born alt-rock- new wave band from Sheffield, England. They make that be-brave and empower yourself to succeed type of music soundscape, which is such a sterling listen on every level imaginable.

We wanted every song to have the potential to be someones’ personal anthem for hope, fearlessness and self belief. When we were kids we all had this extraordinary bravery that allowed us to dream.” ~ Lina and the Lions

Led heroically by Israeli-born singer-songwriter Lina Lane, this is a pure pop edge, mixed with a stupendous alt-rock cutting board of tasty treats. Her vocal ability takes you to places you know you should be – as you urge yourself to break away from whatever is holding you back – as you find that perfect connection of the mind, so you may reach your true potential.

Second Nature was born in the depths of chaos amid the worst year of modern times. Trapped, hopeless, locked down. The difficult situation we all found ourselves in led Lina and the Lions to question their purpose, and the purpose of their music.” ~ Lina and the Lions

The Sky Beneath Our Feet‘ from the sensational Sheffield, England-based alt-rock new wave act Lina and the Lions, is a passionate gem of a single. The inspiring message has you feeling so inspired to break away from the norm. With electric vocals which sparks up your attention into action – this is a fantastic release that certainly has an important purpose – to assist us in revitalizing our tired souls.

Looking up is the only way to truly find your path, as looking down only drags you down into the mud of no evolution.

See this fabulous new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

National Pride: Spectacular Scottish band The Ronains return triumphantly with top notch version of the classic ‘Flower Of Scotland’

DragonSoop sponsored band The Ronains show their quality once again on the proudly-sung remix of an absolute classic that shows the true love for their country on ‘Flower Of Scotland‘.

The Ronains is a powerfully constructed Clydebank, Scotland-based indie-rock band. They make that movie or series-type soundtrack, that has you feeling uplifted and ready to achieve what you know you can conquer.

After getting the much-needed blessing from The Corries’ Ronnie Browne and as they got the proper licenses all sorted, this legendary song has been redone by this quality band and they certainly make this a terrific version all the way though. The hairs on the back of your back stand up to attention, you feel invigorated and ready for anything.

The Ronains bring together a mixture of New Wave and Rock and Roll to form a unique live sound, and have enjoyed performing to packed venues across the country, including sold out shows from the O2 ABC, Glasgow to The Cavern Club, Liverpool, supporting the likes of Jake Bugg and Gerry Cinnamon along the way.” – The Ronains

Flower Of Scotland‘ from the magnificent Clydebank, Scotland-based indie rock act The Ronains, is the hair-raising story of rising upwards and pulling all that nation pride together as one, to counter-act the hostility and anger that is way too apparent in this unconnected world.

With tremendous vocals and a soundscape that echos through the mountains, this is a remix that certainly has made the original version from 1967 very proud.

Stream this top notch track on Spotify and support their journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Litters has unleashed the ultimate Indie feel-good hit with the sonically ensnaring single ‘Diamond Eyes’

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter, Litters, has unleashed their fiery New Wave Indie track ‘Diamond Eyes’. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Arcade Fire and Jack Johnson collaborated, you’ll get an idea of how Litters pulled off the perfect balance of sonic energy and tender intricacy.

With an enticing rhythmic command complete with angularly hypnotic guitar, a smorgasbord of influences stylistically banded together and a significant serving of authentic aural ingenuity, Diamond Eyes is about as efficacious as a blackhole when it comes to pulling you in.

Diamond Eyes isn’t just radio-ready, it should be topping the Indie charts.

You can check out Diamond Eyes for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MOTIV – ‘Don’t Let Yourself Down’  


In a world of manufactured angsty alt-rock and generic R&B and trap-based pop-dance, it’s always refreshing when an artist does something different; with this track, MOTIV produces something close to eighties synth-pop – think Pet Shop Boys, Nik Kershaw, or Howard Jones – but with a modern, updated twist.

It’s ridiculously catchy, too. The ‘Don’t Let Yourself Down’ hook of the track’s title squirms its way into your head and refuses to leave for hours after the track has finished. Yet, it perseveres with an almost-ambient set of eighties-style production values – heavy reverb, old-school sequenced and gated drum beats, and a synth melody which mimics the vocal line, all whirling and writhing around that lyrical hook. ‘Don’t Let Yourself Down’ is a perfect slice of danceable, singable pop that’s a beautiful antidote to 2020’s lockdown blues.

Follow MOTIV on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Artist Eloe reminisces on a one-night stand in his latest release More Than Just A F**k – Rolling

Magnifying the unexpected feelings following a one-night stand, artist Eloe put his reflections into words in his latest release More Than Just A F**k – Rolling.

Playing with synths and new-wave sounds that work out through a smooth background pad, hip hop slow beats design a contour for gentle Soul vocals describing the aftermath of what at first seemed to be lust but ended up being a surprising emotional connection.

Most times it doesn’t have to be love to make two people connect. Some nights that start with a physical instinct can still result in a beautiful empathy that won’t necessarily evolve into a longer relationship but will still endure as a memory to cherish. Something that in a such materialistic world is just so rare.

By combining all of the above, Eloe creates a sensual R&B effort that you can check out for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Starzsky released his new track ‘Change Places’, a hip-hop hit that aims for a new-wave atmosphere.

‘Change Places’ starts with a strong soul-blended hip-hop component for which his voice is a stupendous match for, until Starzsky unexpectedly bursts into a heartfelt rage that still generates empathy even with the harshest words.

Moving back to quieter vocals in the second part, the whole mood becomes way more RnB with sax sounds softening his rap bars and the song’s overall feel. It’s not the usual “hip-hop thang” but a song that contains traces of alternative and even new-wave sounds if explored deeper.

‘Moody starr’ is written on his Soundcloud profile and I believe it’s really worth giving a whirl to his many moods.

Head over Soundcloud to listen to ‘Change Places.’

Review by Jim Esposito.

AndyJMotion has dropped latest single Lights

Artist AndyJMotion dropped his single ‘Lights’, embracing his New Wave sound and having a fast pace flow and an infectious rhythm.

Having that repetition of the lyrics bouncing back and forth, using humming to kick start the Rap, the vocal ranges are fairly raspy and tend to have this rather harsh texture to them as they go from being fairly flat to stretching out to amp up the volume, and the voice does tend to crack in a rather brittle way in parts.

The overall rhythm is upbeat, it keeps the flow going steady and pulses through the vocals as it tends to stay simple but still has its own lively feeling to it, as it tends to flow in and out of other elements, coming in louder and fading out quicker. Towards the end, the guitar like sound begins to climb out of the background and give it this dose of edginess.

Be sure to check this one out by AndyJMotion it’s definitely got a catchy beat.

Listen to AndyJ Motion Lights by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall