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Time To Unwind: Lin Littleton swaps the bad with the good on refreshing ‘New Vibes’

Washing away the past stress with only genuine energy, Lin Littleton says goodbye to the fake former friends forever and flies so high to follow her dreams on ‘New Vibes‘.

Lin Littleton is a classy Harare, Zimbabwe-born, Kent and London-raised indie singer-songwriter and Music Technology graduate. She skillfully bends RnB, pop, soul and hip-hop together as one team — through her message of keeping things real and genuine each day .

She sings with such freedom and maturity, her mind is mind up as she has been let down before and refuses to let it distract her again. She is okay with being alone for a while short-term, if it means that she will grow strong and be less susceptible to future bad vibes down the road.

With a smoothly tipped voice that feels like delicious honey in your willing ears, we are put into a peaceful trance from a very talented woman, who is ready to be who she really wants to be in life.

New Vibes’ from Zimbabwe/UK indie singer-songwriter Lin Littleton, is that fresh track that you put on when you have realized that you don’t have to impress anyone, but the person that you see in the mirror. The drama is gone and you just want to smile, just the way life should be forever.

Stream this vibrant new track on YouTube and follow the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

October Brigade ft Liel Bar-Z brings our new indie-pop spellbinder ‘No Tears for Tomorrow’

October Brigade ft Liel Bar-Z brings our new indie-pop spellbinder ‘No Tears for Tomorrow‘ and this is a quality listen for our souls.

With prolific Liel Bar-Z from Los Angeles on vocals, October Brigade are a well-respected Music Production & Songwriting Team featuring vocalists from around the world. They have made a great decision in having Liel on vocals as with their signature sound, this is a great listen from start until finish.

No Tears for Tomorrow‘ is about the sad times that have befallen us and how youngsters have to grow up so fast these days. Hopefully the world can be set free again so that all of us can be outside again, feeling free and not avoiding humans. This is a call out to find others that feel the same and can create happy vibes without judgement.

October Brigade and Liel Bar-Z combine like a perfectly cooked dinner and the steamy warm feeling is heard throughout. This is a song to play on the weekend when you are feeling reflective and the quality is effortless. All-round a fine single release in 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hapi’s ‘Deep End’ is the bouncy and fresh SirChaz and Sofia Remix

Hapi’sDeep End‘ from SirChaz and Sofia is the Remix that we needed in 2020. This has that fresh new vibe that we all should turn up loud.

Born and raised in Westchester, New York, Charles Hochfelder aka SirChaz is an artist manager, business developer and network connector along with being a dj/producer.  Together with his girlfriend Sofia, they are SirChaz and Sofia.

You feel like the love has thrown you into the deep end but you try and keep your eyes open. You don’t want to be let down again and are a little bit unsure but you carry on. You look in the mirror but something happens. You have so many butterflies and you can’t stop thinking about this. There are blue skies so you look at them, will it all be okay?

Hapi’sDeep End‘ from SirChaz and Sofia is a groovy beat and the electro tingled love-letters are a blessing to hear. This a song that needs to be on all playlists are there is a beauty here. Things are so simple and the track meshes into a great plus for 2020. This is a fine effort and a groovy song to reflect and dance to.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asimov smashes in with powerful new techno single ‘Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust’

Asimov smashes in with powerful new techno single ‘Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust‘.

Asimov’s sound resonates in an undiscovered place between Progressive House, EDM and Melodic Techno: tunes sculpted on modern and classical structures are defined with both electrifying, flickety-split melodies and arm-raising, catchy hooks. No pre-produced sounds or samples are used that ensures that a genuine, individualistic style is formed. They achieve this goal with plenty to spare, this is a track you notice. The authentic nature is for all to see.

This a quick ride and you can just feel the sweaty club where this music is mostly played. The buzz is alive and you can tell that much effort was put into this release, this is fantastic techno music to dance to.

Between a Lightbeam and a Cluster of Dust‘ from Asimov is a fast-boosting song that is perfect for the party nights. There is so much steam here, the beats come at an excellent rate and just accelerates all the time like a humming Mustang. The lights are on and this is a DJ who knows his crowd. This is a club winner all the way.

Click here to stream and party!

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Howling indie groove with the debut from Aheartthing’s ‘Ye Ehn’

This is a howling indie groove with incredible vocals on Aheartthing’sYe Ehn‘.

This is the first release from Aheartthing’s new full length EP ‘Just Bekause It’s Tuesday‘. Self-written and produced by Mors, this is such a stunner of a track with emotive raps, the sound feels like its a sonic palate of enjoyable music to warm our cold hearts. This is a song for the movies, each vocal is placed into the ears and it won’t let go. This is an R&B journey that means something.

Aheartthing’sYe Ehn‘ is a terrific track that has a few different varieties of genres inside it. We are treated to a debut track that is one to watch, this is a new group that are planning to get their music out to as many people as possible. The world is a better place with indie music like this, the earthy feel gushes together like a barrel, there is some quality here.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ask Carol swim in with the sunny ‘Do It in LA’

Ask Carol swim in with the sunny ‘Do It in LA‘  and this is a radical video from this fresh band who do things differently.

From beautiful Auma in Norway, alt-pop duo Ask Carol have toured the world and this is an act that are on a mission for their music to be everywhere. Covid has slowed them down a bit but perhaps its given them the extra time to get more music and awesome videos together for release.

Ask Carol is front woman Carol and also multi-instrumentalist Ask. This fine 2 piece act challenges the traditional conception of what a duo can be. With their powerfully portrayed guitars, drums and fuzz-synth, with Carol’s distinctive, dynamic range and bad-ass vocals, this two-piece creates a wall of sound that is truly great to listen to. They have so much energy, I like the sound of the band and the vocals wake up your heart right away. This is genuine music that is made with such caring precision.

Ask Carol rock in with the brilliant ‘Do It in LA‘ and this is a fine listen. The video is so great and viewers will enjoy the creative nature. They are pushing the boundaries and not trying to copy anyone else.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

K•LSY is fantastic on new seductive single ‘Every Minute’ on tight Bonnot beat

K•LSY is fantastic on new seductive single ‘Every Minute‘, and is joined perfectly by producer Bonnot. This is a meaty beat that will get you in the mood for nightlife again with its smokey energy.

K•LSY was born on the East Coast of Italy in 2019 as an electronic project inspired by Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.
They are formed by Piero Piccillo, Alessandro Falcioni and Andrea Tredicucci. They are University students and friends from their childhood class of 1999 in Italy. They start playing together in a Garage Rock band and the sound evolves with Pop soul mixes and Techno Dance electronics.

Every Minute‘ has a dark, moody and broody sound, with superb video direction by Alessandro Ghiselli. He captures the mood perfectly here with the two actors who are fantastic. This is all about that desire and how it can really steam you up. You want it so bad but sometimes you have to wait. You want it now but gates are locked at the moment.

Every Minute‘ is such a sexy song that will have you enjoying the hot video that is full of passion. This is a terrific dance track and the video meshes this style, in style.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA singer Johnny Gas sings about love on ‘Airbnb’

LA singer Johnny Gas sings about longing love on his new single called ‘Airbnb‘.

Based in both Los Angeles, California and also Charlotte, North Carolina, this is a sexy song from the young singer. He wants us to see and hear his strong voice and the talent is for all to see.

You want her so much, the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she moves. She looks so wonderful in every way. She didn’t like you too much at first but that soon changed when she fell for your charm. You are now loving life as you are in the Airbnb and all is good. Times has evolved since that night but you always remember those great times.

Airbnb‘ from Johnny Gas is a sexy track that speaks about a memory that is so clear. This is a hot indie-pop song with R&B love sprinkled to make us all happy.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NEEKOH sings of heartbreak on his re-inventive ‘Falling’

NEEKOH return with their brand new top song with ‘Falling‘.

Made in Finland, revamped in New Zealand. A divorce from a relationship of 12 years urged NEEKOH to take a break of his celebrity status in Finland to re-create himself. The conclusion of the hiatus was that only way going forward is being brutally honest and personal in his songwriting. Meanwhile, falling in love encouraged him to move to the other side of the world. It was time for a change. After moving to New Zealand, the Finnish artist NEEKOH, one-name performance moniker of Niko Helenius, decided to write about the break-up and a new-found love.

The upcoming EP ‘Dark Light’ about love, sex and heartache is set to be released early 2021. He has come a long way musically as well as geographically since Finland’s Pop Idol finalist 2014.

This is a love song for the ages. The pain in the voice is for all to see and melodies are of heartbreak. You love someone so much and will they love you back is the question. NEEKOH brings us a lovely track here with ‘Falling‘.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

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Chi-A.D. take us to a new world on ‘Into The Light’

Chi-A.D. are back with their new psychedelic song called ‘Into The Light‘.

Chi-A.D. aka Hannah Young is a Songwriter, Musician and Programmer/Engineer that has been involved in the music industry since 1987 now with many projects to her credit. This is an artist who has been on the scene to know what it’s all about.

After featuring in tons of magazines and festivals, you feel like 2021 will be a massive year for this experienced artist. With millions just itching to out again, the music world will be even more busy than usual.

This is a mind-bending journey through the trance house world and this is such a wizardly wonderful song. I feel lighter on my feet after watching this. The visuals are quite fantastic and I have a huge smile on my face. Life is so much more simple. This is all about finding the light inside you and letting it out for the world to see.

Into The Light‘ from Chi-A.D. is a fab new track and the video is one of the best sent out this year. Play this loud.

Head through to the YouTube page.

Click here for the Insta page.

For more info head to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen