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Australian RnB/grunge artist Chalant hopes that the vibe is felt like it was intended on ‘The Come Up’

As the crowd cheers and throws themselves deeply into this new movement that might cause sparks to fly and emotions to sizzle, Chalant knows that his soul is destined to remain clean from the harrowing rubbish that can clog the senses of good hearts with, ‘The Come Up‘.

Chalant is an original Hills District, New South Wales, Australia-based project that is a saucy blend of RnB and grunge that will get your pulse racing quickly like Daniel Ricciardo.

This project was completed between Chalant and the Midnight Hours crew, a Sydney based content label consisting of various Vogue featured designers, producers and writers.” ~ Chalant

Busting a track that slams down hard to make an appearance that you probably won’t be able to get out of your mind, Chalant brings us something different to show us that music is always evolving in the depths of the creative underground where new heroes are waiting to wear that cape.

The Come Up‘ from New South Wales, Australia-based indie RnB/grunge artist Chalant is a scintillating single that might shave the hairs off your legs without notice. There is much to be intrigued by, as this is a song that has your heart beating in anticipation of a story that shows you the correct mentality. With so many fake people out there whose very presence can soil your energy like a sneaky skunk – this is the message of defiance when others who haven’t lived inside this vortex – believe that you won’t be able to avoid the traps that can sink your mind into a world that isn’t actually real.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian rapper Kamain walks the walk on ‘Feeling Famous’ (feat. Saintninety9)

Taken off his debut 11-track album ‘Freshay Conduct‘, Kamain slams down the verses so hard that he might cause a sudden earthquake to shudder throughout the Oceania region on ‘Feeling Famous(feat. Saintninety9).

Kamain is a New South Wales, Australia-based indie Trap solo artist and music producer who spits the truth on each one of his powerfully projected releases.

Featuring the bar-heavy style of West Sydney’s Saintninety9, this is an underground track that slithers down the spine rather splendidly and quickly injects venom into our shocked speakers with a gritty effect.

He mixes and master’s all of his own songs, producing many with his manager, Chef; he recorded songs with upcoming artists from around the world.” ~ Kamain

Sinking his teeth into a track that is so thunderous as the lightning seems to spark a hole into our imagination, Kamain might be ready to roar loudly into the minds of those who need a new rap legend to be enthralled by in this rather fragile world.

Feeling Famous(feat. Saintninety9) from New South Wales, Australia-based indie Trap solo artist/music producer Kamain, is the kind of track that fans of that raw sound – that is such an inspiring listen – that need some extra meat in their ears. This is the story about showing those who talk too much that this is not the way at all. Doing what you say has never been more important than ever in our history as the walls get blown up into smithereens before our eyes, as we reach our goals before it’s all too late and our number is called. Made with an ominous tone and a powerful beat, this is a top new single to play loud as you look to get your business done without being overly flashy and causing too many eyes to be beaming unnecessarily on you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You’re Dancin’ Like A Peacock: London-based The Dockers sip up splendidly on ‘Moonshine di Roma’

With a cheeky glimpse of the night’s festivities and featuring a soulful tone so fresh you will feel a welcome breeze flowing all over your body, The Dockers show us that it’s okay to have fun again with their enjoyable track ‘Moonshine di Roma‘.

The Dockers is a Campbelltown, New South Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-folk/rock funky duo who was formed by two very talented multi-instrumentalists that are skillfully self-taught.

Whilst working as lifeguards, the duo’s deep sense of irony and surrealist sense of fun attributed to snack bar sugar and chlorine.” ~ The Dockers

The Dockers are quite a gleaming band to turn on loud and have a blast with as you dust off those dancing shoes. They show us their cleverly-written lyrics that are strengthened up with a foot-tapping soundscape – that is compounded in with some catchy cool vocals – that have you in full voice as you join in.

Moonshine di Roma‘ from the fun-loving Campbelltown, New South Wales-born, London, UK-based indie-folk/rock duo The Dockers, is such a likeable song from two young men who don’t take themselves too seriously. With a funky flow and a vibe that has your fortitude feeling so active again, this is the type of track to put on loud after a transcendent night out with mates. The world is back and it’s time to enjoy ourselves again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be my other half: Lou P Scarlett brightens up Valentine’s Day with ‘Life Together’

Bringing her effervescent flamboyance intertwined with cute kisses to the world on this special day for so many, Lou P Scarlett bubbles beautifully with awe-inspiring enthusiasm on her latest single called ‘Life Together‘.

Lou P Scarlett is an inspiring multi-talented Marrickville (New South Wales), Australia-based futuristic burlesque showgirl,  enthralling electronic-pop singer. creative director, choreographer, bachelor of music graduate and dancer.

The love for her partner shines through and her voice sounds like a woman deeply in love, her soft tone feels like her eyes are glowing, each word is sung with that deep feeling of caressing waterfalls that have rare pureness.

This is the story of telling your lover what you like and how you see things going together, hand in hand. The manifestation to the universe is important for you as you think about all the wonderful times you have ahead, especially on this romantic day.

Life Together‘ from Australia’s Queen of tease, Lou P Scarlett, is that catchy song you have to listen to again and again, as her lovely voice shines through the doom and gloom of current times, her stunning nature has you locked in close to the speakers all the way through this glorious effort.

Thinking of being together long-term with someone can be a scary thought sometimes, but if you both want it enough, you will make it happen, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way by this crazy world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Home studio goodness: Australia’s Eastrn Social transports us into a different world on the indie-electronica sizzler ‘Sound So Clear’

This is the splendid solo project of producer/songwriter Liam Gray called Eastrn Social and the earthy electronic waves drift in like a sneaky side-wash on ‘Sound So Clear‘. The bursting beat is such an intrigue and teases us to dip our toes into the seas of the unknown.

You close your eyes tightly to visualize the dreamy alt-pop transparent sounds that are a blessing to our eyes and his gasping voice floats inside your soul so beautifully. The relaxed electronica has you in a temporary gaze that is such a pleasurable experience in current times as the ambiance blesses the anxious speakers inside us.

The Newcastle, New South Wales native draws you in like a fine pencil with a music artwork that keeps your body moving in rhythm. This is a song all about meeting in the middle to get the full picture is portrayed here, as sometimes we can drift apart so quickly and get lost on the dark ocean of life. What was so easy before can sometimes become so hard and complicated. To truly work together in life or love, each relationship needs work and compassion for the flow to stream just right.

Australian home studio producer and singer-songwriter Eastrn Social has a fantastic formula that races in like a Daniel Ricciardo fastest lap. This is a musician that is different from the rest of the musicians out there and the intricately created authentic sounds transfix you into wanting more. ‘Sound So Clear’ is exactly what is on the label and this pure energy is like a crisp summer’s day in the ocean seas.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sydney’s Accidental President return with rock-filled antics on video for ”Rotten Child”

Australian Hard Rock band Accidental President are a proudly female fronted Alt-Rock 3 piece straight outta New South Wales. They play their own brash brand of hearty hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences. ”Rotten Child” is their brand new track and this is what we have been waiting for.

Rotten Child” is a swashbuckling hard rock ride with the ever-enthusiastic Bethany Neville on lead vocals, Dave Ben Lee on guitars, and Leon Cadden on drums. Gosh, they make a great team. The video is well-done and shows how tight the band are with their wild riffs and fantastic energy together.

This 3 piece from Australia are full of gosh-infused metal melodies that smash through the speaks and into your soul. The track swirls in your ears and you can’t help but dance a long and let your hair down.

Originally formed in 2015, the group has gone through a bunch of lineup changes and crazy life events that has meant that their have been a few detours. The band chose to use these challenges as motivation to build something meaningful that and get their music out to the world.

Rotten Child” is off their new self-tilted album and this is an essential piece of music in 2020.

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Stream this new action-packed track right here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen