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The real deal: Tekyume! thrives gloriously where others get cold on ‘Winter!’

With a hot delivery that bakes those tasty smells of goodness through those cold haters who only see the worst in people, Tekyume! is highly impressive on his new single about keeping your heart alive called ‘Winter!’.

Tekyume! is an emerging underground American emcee with a laser-like lyrical sequence of rap delivery force fields, that busts your mind into a new world of intrigue and imagination.

The earthy beat of sumptuous quality breathes more life into your curious mind, as you sit back to hear this quick-fire song that shows you his ultimate intent up close and personal. This is a confident man with a cape on and he is certain of his place up at the front of the table, not the back with all the rest.

This is the story of feeling really good and wanting to let everyone know that you demand respect. This is a fickle game and you want to serve out for the set, your ruthless flow simmers all over the small-minded doubters, to make them think twice about opening their mouth twice.

Winter!’ from the mystifying Tekyume! is a hot new track from the promising newcomer, that lathers your senses with that new school rap style, that soaks your ears with belief that you can conquer anything you want, if you believe in yourself enough.

Time is too short on this wild earth to doubt yourself and close doors you haven’t even tried to open yet.

Hear this fast-paced fireball of sounds on Soundcloud and check out his visual energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fighting for what is right: Anjalts calls for the ferocious fires and blatant deforestation to stop on ‘Air to Fire’

When you grow up listening to your uncles hiking stories about their adventures in the Amazon, that is something you will never forget. Anjalts is a part of the new school music fire brigade that has had enough of spineless ‘leaders’ not doing anything on ‘Air to Fire‘.

American singer-songwriter, Indo-Caribbean-raised multi-instrumentalist & composer Anjalts fights the good fight on her inspiring ‘Air to Fire‘ chronicle to the world. The raging fires are burning California, the Amazon rain forest and many more globally. She wants the conversation steers towards solutions, not greed and indecision that is causing so many damage that is threatening so many lives and destroying a sacred part of the world.

Her hauntingly beautiful voice going right through your soul. The realness is so easy to see and she sings with heart and kindness to a cause that has been entrenched inside her from her family. This is a woman who knows what is right and the simple message is one that needs to be heard.

With a story so vivid and a voice so conscious to the needs of those in her community and beyond, ‘Air to Fire‘ from Anjalts is a song that is more than music. This is a message from a sweet soul that wants what is right and isn’t interested in profit margins. She is a voice for the voiceless and for this, she needs to be admired for taking a stand and not hiding away. The world is burning and we need fellow humans to join together and take a stand for this incredible important cause. Music is the healing waters that can sooth other all and make a difference.

Support this artist on her Spotify and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out’ (Prod. By NextLane)

Yeos HaZeus rips the chords out with the epic ‘Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) and this is a high-tempo Hip Hop track with a fiery beat that impresses.

Based currently in Tokyo, Japan, this is a new school Hip Hop artist that is making a huge name for himself with quality music and this musician works with the best producers too.

You feel like you are going through the motions at the moment, your brain feels blacked out and not normal. The world has been crazy lately and you have just been trying to survive. The time to rejuvenate is coming up soon and you need it bad. You just need to survive for a bit longer. You know you can make it out.

Blacked Out‘ (Prod. By NextLane) from Yeos HaZeus is a trap-filled Hip Hop track that smashes through the speakers and keeps the crowd cheering for more. With a hot beat, the vocals and raps are full of smoke, the clouds simmer through the whole time and you just know that this is a song that you need to listen to. On repeat. This is the sound of 2020’s Hip Hop and like it or not, this is the sound of the youth.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Talk’ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV is a story of lost love that is now gone and you can’t even talk about it to each other now. This is a fine new school Hip Hop/R&B journey that will keep you entertained throughout.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by JJL, this is a new school love journey from these two conscious musicians. This is a mellow ride through working about what happened in the relationship. The trust was there but then it was gone so quickly. You were so loyal but sadly, your partner wasn’t and its time to move on.

Talk‘ from JJL & GLEV flourishes with the official visualizer. This feels like two artists who are just getting started and they have so much to offer. With great production and a vibrant vocal experience, this is a great listen and a warning to us all. Communication and trust is so important and without these two core components, things can turn dark really quickly.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Head through to the Spotify page.

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Brendy is back with his new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer’ single and this is a brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is back with the nicely portrayed new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer‘ single and this is a soothing & brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is from Mississauga, Canada and performs with a real cool style, the vocals consistent always, with the long signature hair flowing so smoothly like the new song.

You miss them so much when they are so far away. You were together in December and things were incredible. Now you are so far away from each other and things can be tough with the long distance. You are worried that by messaging so much you are coming across as needy and that is worrying you. All you want is for you two to be together, then everything will be okay again.

Brendy sings and raps with sublime skill on ‘Sauga City Summer‘. This is a new wave of Hip Hop artists that are starting to gain much attention due to their much-growing popularity in the music scene. With a sound that keeps you hooked, you reminisce while listening to this new track and remembering similar moments in your life. This is much to chill with, think about and will get your head bobbing. This is a new name to keep a close eye on.

Stream here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday’

Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday‘ that gives us an insight into this young emcee’s lyrical explosion.

Taken off the recent new EP ‘Tough Times‘, this is one of 5 fire and tasty tracks for the ears on this new school beat. This is the sound that youngsters love in Hip Hop in 2020 and this falls in this new style. This vocals are sung but have rap influences and we can hear the stories of the street on this one. Life is hard and we have to do what we can to survive.

Yung Ballxr is in electric form on his new single ‘Everyday‘. The life of cruising around with the crew, getting up to no good and doing the same things each day. This can get a bit much but the song is a perfect sandwich to be devoured with meaning. With a massive lyric ability, this is probably the best track off the new EP and a real Hip Hop beat comes with it. Lots of potential here and this is the sound of the new school.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dum[ie] brings us lo-fi Hip Hop cruiser ‘mom jeans’ ft. Qub3

Dum[ie] brings us his brand new lo-fi Hip Hop cruiser that impresses with ‘mom jeans‘ ft. Qub3.

Dum[ie], is an alternate persona of a very mild and a sort of timid, but outgoing person. Raised in Toledo, Ohio, 40 minutes south of Detroit, life wasn’t easy. Life was always what you made it. Growing up with three older brothers, and one younger, Tashmere “Dum[ie]” Matthews found it tough to be recognized. Despite this challenge, his mother always helped him and soon music became his real passion. He hasn’t stopped since. This is his life and he loves making music.

The flow is tight here, the lyrics grab you and I like the style here of the new school Hip Hop track. The rapper really pushes his name up the ranks here with this fascinating track all about fashion and doing things your way.

mom jeans‘ ft. Qub3 shows Dum[ie] in his best light here. This is a bouncy Hip Hop track that will stick in your mind for hours. Just the way we like it.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

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FYAMOJI flies in from space with trap-filled ”Megaman”

FyaMoji is a rapper and producer from the Central Coast of California. He is back with his new spacey Hip Hop track called ”Megaman”.

After growing up with Hip-Hop legends such as 2Pac and N.W.A when he was young, this is an artist who brings his clever wordsmith to the mic. Currently an independent artist, FyaMoji produces all of his own tracks with his own signature trap beat that echos through the speakers.

Megaman” is taken off the new album called ”Flare Up” and the temperature has definitely risen with this new lead track. This is new school trap music for the modern era due to the sound and quick-fire vocal delivery. This young artist is headed for the moon with his smooth style. He mixes singing and rapper to impressive results.

FyaMoji shows off his unique flow onMegamanand this space-trap beat will certainly be popular with the young rap crowd. He is determined not to flop and with this hard working attitude he is destined for great things.

Stream this new track here on Spotify.

Check out more from this artist on his Facebook.

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Press Kampe shows his eccentric side with catchy ”Tuck in the Socks”

Your style is timeless. You don’t care for normal styles at all. In fact, you are doing everything you can to stay away from any trend that is happening. You are ahead of your time and just want to put out good music.

The beat is so smooth on Press Kampe’s new track. He has such an unmistakable flow and wow, this is so catchy.

Tuck In The Socks” strolls in like a rugged skater about to attempt a wild trick. Press absolutely shreds these bars here like a hungry fox that has just pulled his head outside and is so hungry for that dinner.

With influences such as the late great Mac Miller (RIP), this is a dazzling display of words like a real pro. For such a young act he is really developing nicely to be at the top of the food chain real soon. I feel like his energy and unique style really sets him a part from other artists and the beat is really funky fresh with extra ice cubes.

Tuck In The Socks” is a fine song from Los Angeles emcee Press Kampe and this is a new rapper in the game to follow closely.

Stream this new banger from the 8th July on sunny Soundcloud

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Litface throws debut Hip Hop truth story ”Lie2me” that strikes hot

When you are young it is easy to get wrapped up and obsessed with your crush. Even if they aren’t the right person for you. After being burnt a few times you will soon learn this sad but valuable lesson.

Litface is a brand new producer emcee who has just thrown a scorcher with the fiery single ”Lie2me”. He is used to women lying to him and has found a way to get over it quickly. He prefers the 420 method and has developed a thick skin to deal with heartbreak. We are with him in this story of love and knowing your worth. Not letting anyone bring you down is the message here. Wise words indeed from the young emcee who has so much pure potential with this music game. His style is very new school and his lyrics match the current dating game. Everything happens so fast and the old school romance is decidedly rare in this new generation of dating apps and social media. Hopefully this song inspires his fans to take their time and not let anyone play them. A strong message indeed.

Click on the Spotify link for this song and more.

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