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Stylish Space-Pop singer Lonesome Rhodes slide in with the honest ‘Bad News’

Lonesome Rhodes is an exciting Austin-based musician and this sound is time-travel pop which helps stir the perfect tonic in 2020 with ‘Bad News‘.

Texas artist Kevin F. Johnson is the mastermind behind this incredible sound that is show-stopping with an all ages appeal. There is lots of glitz and glamour here but you can also feel that this is a down to earth musician with talent oozing from the dance floor. The singing is so vibrant, he clearly has style and charisma. This is that happy Pop music that will get the whole family singing, the smooth sounds are incredible.

Bad News‘ is a tale of realness from Lonesome Rhodes as the story of watching your friend back is needed. She is trouble and you have warned with your words but will it be enough is not clear.

The vocals are crisp and well-sung, this is a classy performance that has you in a god place. You get the feeling that this is an artist on the rise through a music barrel, this is a scrumptious effort for our ears. Lonesome Rhodes is fantastic on Bad News.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Isle of Wight ‘Bethan John’ sings with passion on ‘Piece Of Gold’

Singer-songwriter Bethan John is back with her stunning visuals for the single ‘Piece Of Gold‘.

Bethan John is establishing herself as an artist on the Isle of Wight with her co-writer and aspiring producer Damon Edward-Ellis. Together in 2020 they have released three singles, ‘Piece of Gold‘, ‘By the Fireplace‘ and their most recent ‘You and I‘.

Bethan is a busy lady and is in multiple music projects which is helping her with her career as a professional musician, including acoustic duos called Lunari, Bethan & Barnes and a 4 piece function band called Funk Soup. This variety actually helps I believe. Lots of different music, band members and experiences await for the young singer.

You love someone so much and don’t want them to leave. You have such strong feelings and you just know that this is the one. Their company feels like you are dripping with gold all over your body and you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

Piece Of Gold‘ from Bethan John is sung with such passion and beauty. The notes hit all the right notes and I love the visuals. It’s simple, ego-free and displays all that this young singer is all about. Pureness and making quality music with meaning. This is a fine song that is sung so well.

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Scottsdale Singer Halle Abadi impresses yet again with indie-pop stunner ”Summersong”

The sweet-sounding Arizona native Halle Abadi is back with the sun-kissed ”Summersong”. This is the ice to the warm drink as the glorious vocals immerse each and every word.

After the success of previous track ”Hero” that was very well-received, the elegant Halle with Persian and Afghan roots, dashes in with her powerfully presented pop that shows off her incredible voice. As you gaze deeper into the song while still wowed by Halle’s vocals that are angelic to my tired body and soul. This is the kind of music that is so positive to listen to and I feel energized inside.

Raised bilingual in Scottsdale in Arizona, Halle was singing as soon as she was able to speak. After starting with the piano aged 5, Halle was soon onto vocal training at 11 years old. The years of intense training is for all to see and this is a seasoned professional who is only 19 years old.

Summersong” from Halle Abadi is a spectacular effort from the US singing sensation who’s music is perfect for anytime of day. This is all about the slow dance with that special one in your life.

Stream this absolute gem here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Indiana” is a stupendous debut effort from the glorious voice of Madison

Madison has a stunning voice and shows it off nicely here with her new and debut song ”Indiana”. The young songstress turns up the volume real loud here and surpasses expectations mightily in this beautiful journey.

The poster on this song showcases what is in store and no one is left disappointed. The listener is left spellbound with this wonderland of stunning beats to get us warmed up. Madison has this ability to grab you with her magnificent vocals that are just a marvel to listen to. I feel like I’m in a movie set with her gallivanting through.

Indiana” strides in as one of the years best electronic-pop songs and its so well sung by the young Madison. I like how she is able to keep the consistency going through with such high notes. What a fantastic song and let’s hope that she flourishes and brings out more gems.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen