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Crossed My Mind: New Orleans native Lahh Munchie remembers the good times on Yours Truly

Thinking back to those extremely contemplative moments where in the end, he felt he was wasting his time with the wrong person, Lahh Munchie knows the times were good for a while but have ended forever despite the flashbacks on Yours Truly.

Lahh Munchie is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie hip hop/RnB solo artist who makes that ear-popping music you shall blare loud all day.

Guiding us into a former relationship which is laden with regret and a ruptured heart, Lahh Munchie knows he will be okay no matter what happened in the past. Displaying his mellow vibes that will have you thinking back to a past lover, who has since walked a different road that is far away from your ongoing consciousness.

Yours Truly from New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie hip hop/RnB artist Lahh Munchie is an intensely reflective track that will have you looking deep into the mirror. Performed with a look back at something that was so intense romantically, that wistfully washed away into the sky forever.

With a smooth beat that might have you nodding your head as you wonder why the flame goes cold sometimes, this is a reminder that love can be vicious.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Raymond West shows us the way of life right now on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief)

With the 2nd release from his upcoming mixtape, ‘Jerseys & Convertibles‘, Raymond West raps with rampant self-assuredness that will surely illuminate up your day on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief).

Raymond West is an indie Hip hop artist and entrepreneur who grew up in the historically rich area of Tremé, New Orleans.

At the tender age of seven, West penned his first rap lyrics. The initial puerile lyrics slowly progressed into more mature compositions with age and experience.” ~ Raymond West

Sending us into a better frame of mind with a track that is revved up to perfection, Raymond West and Big Chief combine like a fine wine that never ages and have dropped a lyrically astute single to turn the volume up with. Filled with stories of love, life and hustle, this is a release that is bundled with truths that many of us can certainly relate to in this survive-or-die world.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ruined New Orleans, causing citizens to evacuate. A young and impressionable West found himself relocated to Oakland, CA. Initially facing culture shock, Raymond soon found himself being nurtured by the unfamiliar surroundings.” ~ Raymond West

Carphones and Beepers(feat. Big Chief) from Tremé, New Orleans-born indie Hip hop artist Raymond West is a confidently performed single that might get you in the mood for a cruise with the crew. With a sunny attitude and quick-fire raps that might have you dusting off your sunglasses, this is a song for the summer skies and only good vibes.

When you know you are headed for the top, everything else just seems to fall into place.

Ride with this new video on YouTube and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shark Attack!! drop groovy new ocean-loving single to tan with on ‘Back To The Beach’

With a vibe so sunny it might cause you to put on sunglasses even if it’s pitch dark outside, Shark Attack!! helps us remember how fun the sea is on their latest mostly-instrumental jam sesh that helps you feel all fresh with, ‘Back To The Beach‘.

Shark Attack!! is a New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band that forms such an ultra-positive vibe that enables you to flip your perspective back into smile-only climates.

Know that feeling when you’ve been away from the Beach for a while and then you decide it’s about time to go…BACK TO THE BEACH??!! This song is a portal to that emotion.” ~ Shark Attack!!

Applying the sunblock and showing us where to chill under the umbrella, Shark Attack!! return with their fantastically signature style that shall get you sweating in cheeky delight at their undisputed awesomeness.

Back To The Beach‘ from New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band Shark Attack!! is a lifeguard-lovin’ new track to have you packing your cap and remembering to load that sandy beach bat into your backpack, so that you may have the best day possible. With a happy vibe that is proper smile-filled, this is one of those experiences that you will find hard to ever forget. The energy is alive with only goodness and with summer energy flowing through the clouds to help us get that tan back, this is a terrific entry that shall assist us in seeking that much-needed day at the beach.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bed Made Out Of Leaves: Thelia finds that loving escape with the special soul on ‘Treehouse’

As she sweetly gazes at that lucky human who makes her beam so brightly like a shooting star each time she looks in their direction, Thelia lives in the moment and holds onto them close so that they may live in peaceful harmony with only delicious kisses and body warmth needed on ‘Treehouse‘.

Thelia is a highly creative indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and poet who is based in the buzzing lights of New Orleans, Louisiana and was born in a small cosy town in Minnesota.

This song is about flashing back to the moments of pure bliss when you’re just slow dancing in your living room (or any room for that matter) with the person that you love.” ~ Thelia

Sometimes you hear an artist once and fall deeply in love with their rare genuineness and heart-healing vocals. Thelia is that and more, as she kindly brings us a tremendously passionate single that has you thinking of the one who you truly care about, as you wish you could both just escape into the jungle and be together forever.

Treehouse‘ from the nature-loving and free-spirited New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie-pop artist and poet Thelia, is such a romantic single that you will be lighting up the candles next to the bubble-soaked bath to this real gem. Featuring succulently alluring vocals that are classy and loving – the whole melodic soundscape puts you in a dreamy mood – and with a cheeky smile you feel is purifying your delighted soul.

Life should be about being happy in beautiful nature, after all, not stuck in a city block looking at walls with no soul.

Hear this splendid new single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mya Luv gives us another perspective on heartbreak with her single, ‘Fairytales and Lies’

Mya Luv

Mya Luv explores the relationship between fantasy and deception in her latest single, Fairytales and Lies that runs through as an ensemble of indie, jazz, blues and neo-soul; each progressive unpredictable twist leaves you more immersed in the tale that the soulstress alchemically weaved.

Mya’s rich, deep and direct vocals allow you to fall into the release, hook, line, and sinker while the soundscape shifts from accordant indie guitars to a jazz infusion complete with a soul-filling horn section. Discernibly, the sweetest spot in the soundscape is when the bluesy guitar work starts to bring a New Orleans-style into the experimental but instantly accessible soundscape.

Fairytales and Lies is available to stream via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Only Headed Up: Texas rapper JToni rips the mic on impressive ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo)

After enduring lots of ups and downs in life, JToni sparks up the vibe to forget the past with his latest track that flows into your mind with a blast on ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle(feat. Lul Roddo).

New Orleans, Louisiana native Justin Fiallos aka JToni, is a thriving Texas-based Public Relations graduate of the University of North Texas and top notch hip-hop artist, who makes that real bite music that take a chomp out of your hungry speakers.

He aims for the top and realizes that so many out there only want to hate, as when they see you doing well they get super jealous of your success. Love is hard to find and when you do, its a smart plan to hold onto and nurture it.

With a determined flow that has you supremely impressed, the time to stay up top is here and never going back to those broke days, is of course the aim. You feel your head bouncing up and down like a trampoline, his style is likable and everything is effortless and legit.

Taken off his latest tremendous ten-track album called ‘Only Way Is Up‘, ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo) from Austin, Texas-based JToni, is the street-hop buzz cut that slices through your hair to give you a fresh fade, that is such a top listen and one of the most exciting hip-hop releases so far of 2021.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Coming Fast: OTB Lucciii is all about that cash action on ‘Fashion’

With him and his crew drippin’ with enthusiasm, OTB Lucciii is back with a bouncy new intent-filled rap attack single called ‘Fashion‘.

New Orleans, Louisiana-based rapper OTB Lucciii is a confident hip-hop artist, who drops bars real hard about life as he sees it, his rhymes are laced with that street edge that lets you know that he is for real and incredibly hungry to succeed.

This is the story about that real life business moves that keeps you ahead where he is from, as the road can turn in an instant so you need to be sharp and have a few sources of income scurrying in, otherwise the twists dry up and no one wants that.

With a determination in his voice, his flow heavy and with that Southern drawl that is so popular in this genre these days. The self-assurance is highly noticeable as he brings the whole squad with him, to show the other crews that they need to be respected.

Fashion‘ from New Orleans, Louisiana hip-hop artist OTB Lucciii, is a flashy track full of news that they are taking over for a while and if you get left behind, its over for you.

See the video here and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Simply genuine meals: heyJ is so ‘Hungry For Your Love’ on sensational new single

With a voice so crisply toasted into that ultimate affection for our cold souls, heyJ warms up the anxious heart on her stunning new single called ‘Hungry For Your Love‘.

heyJ is an outstanding Nashville, Tennessee-based, Belmont University Music Business student, New Orleans-born and raised indie jazz-pop singer-songwriter. She breathlessly creates music about unfortunate past heartbreaks, future love and learning about herself, in this often-confusing world around us.

Her love for music is so easily apparent and after starting her journey when she was merely a young pup at aged six, her powerful voice shines through the darkness of present times, to illuminate the sky above.

This is the true story of a wise-beyond-her-years young singer, who passionately craves those simple moments away from the common moments from reality TV and what you are supposed to do when in love. She is clearly after that deep passion which fills her body with joy, as true companionship and learning together, is what makes her feel alive. Being together with someone genuine heart-to-heart, is all she wants really, as she looks for that special soul that only has pure intentions.

Hungry For Your Love‘ from the dazzling talent of the beautifully enchanting heyJ, is that sweetly-coated memorable delicious soundscape, that makes your heart beat a bit faster, as the juices lather your senses to love again, no matter what happened before.

Life is all about taking a chance sometimes to find your special soul, who is out there if you look in the right places.

Hear this wonderful single on Spotify and watch her rise to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bust a groove: The Bustermoon stomp down all night on ‘New Orleans’

Taken off their latest full-length album called ‘Mareena Roots‘, The Bustermoon howl gloriously up above with the riveting new single called ‘New Orleans‘.

The Bustermoon are a five-piece indie folk’ n’ roll band from Genoa, Italy who make that foot stompin’ type of music that adds so much joy into the very bottom of your beating heart. They are a band that play to bring happiness to all, while adding a rocking rhythm that gets you in the mood to stand up and join in on the fun.

They are from a City that is famous for pesto and focaccia, so you can see where they get their deliciously exciting music from. This is a fun song to play with friends, lovers and family, the cold drinks are flowing, the food smells divine and you are all laughing all night long.

The fascinating start gets your attention right away as the gritty guitar soon swells into the full swing and the tone has been set. With impact-filled vocals that fire in unexpectedly, they put us into a cheerful mood to all join hands together and dance as one. The groovy bass adds so much sauce to the music pot as the bluesy sprinkle makes this an all-you-can-sing song to remember forever.

New Orleans‘ from Italian outfit The Bustermoon is that tear down the walls kind of track that brings you a pure moment that you have been missing in your life as the closed curtains and depressing news, has attempted to change everything we know and cherish.

Luckily we have music and this is a band that opens up the door to the light and slams all negative energy away from us, for a few minutes of absolute bliss.

Hear this wonderful single on Spotify and see more from the marvelous Italians on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Desiring that real love: New Orleans singer/business owner L.E drops hot single ‘Want’

L.E is back with her phenomenally crisp vocal delivery that will have you listening and again on her single ‘Want‘.

With a loving memory of her late grandmother firmly entrenched in the deepest parts of her heart, L.E (Ellie) is a spectacular American singer-songwriter who has a rare ability to somehow fuse classical, gospel, RnB, and jazz all into one incredibly inspiring sound. With this loving memory with her each day, she has blossomed into a musician and also thriving business owner who teaches private vocal coaching at summer camp and at her Beyond the Stage LLC studio in New Orleans.

After learning her trade and excelling at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, this talented and inspirational creative has made it her mission to help her communities musicians to follow their dreams, showing that it is possible no matter what obstacles come your way in life.

You get the feeling that you are listening to a truly remarkable woman who makes music to love with. Her voice transcends traditional genres and pre-conceived notions and is like a fresh breeze blowing in after a hot and steamy day; her coolness and calming voice heals all sunburn from this wild world of scorching energies.

”Love me analogue not digital.”-L.E

Her Southern charm is such a pleasure on the soul as her voice blends so sweetly with the sensual but classy beat. She sings about wanting that real love and nothing more or less. The story of wanting to be with that special person so that you can love so deeply and with no doubts. This is a visually-pleasurable journey that takes us into this loving woman’s eyes who is looking for something real, far away from the quick-click dms’s that ultimately are a waste of time and effort.

Want‘ from the lovable L.E is a statement of intent from a successful woman who is done messing around and wants that real love that should exist more in the world. With a fabulous vocal delivery and real lyrics, this is a stunning song that is best played late at night with the bubble bath ready, cold beverage chilled and candles lit brightly.

Hear this voice you will never forget on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen